Wisconsin Wants Hunters to “Think Pink” This Fall

By Mike WillandJune 1, 20157 Comments

In an attempt to bring more women hunters into the Wisconsin woods this fall, two state legislators have proposed a bill to legalize blaze pink camo as an alternative to blaze orange.

Democrat Nick Milroy and Republican Joel Kleefisch proposed the bill in mid-May and have surprisingly met little opposition. In fact, the news of such a bill has brought a lot of attention to the state and its hunting program. “Wisconsin has a hunting heritage that is really a strong part of the fabric of who we are as Wisconsinites,” representative Milroy told reporters at a press conference last week, adding that legislators are in search of new ways to attract patronage to a sport that has been seeing a downward trend in participation.


Milroy continued, adding that “the largest increase in new hunters has been among women. In 2014, women deer hunters accounted for 35 percent of resident first-time gun deer licenses and 36 percent of resident first-time junior gun deer licenses, according to the Department of Natural Resources.”

Whitetails Unlimited president, Jeff Schinkten, is among the few not so sure about such a bill becoming law.  “I like the idea that we’re catering to the women to get them into the sport … but I’m more about safety than fashion,” Schinkten announced after hearing the “think pink” news.

If the bill passes into law Wisconsin hunters would have the choice of wearing blaze pink or orange colored camo this fall. The first state to do so.

Representatives in support of this bill want hunters to keep an open mind and “Hunt Pink” this fall. Public hearings are likely to follow.

When this news story first broke it was posted on the Bowhunting.com Facebook page, which received a variety of responses from our users.

User Brandy Darby states: “If a female hunter needs the option to wear pink in order to get in the woods — maybe she’s not hunting for the right reasons. It’s less about pink and more about proper education. I really see no need in using clothing to entice women to be self-sufficient providers for their family and the whole thing seems a little odd to me. But then again — I don’t mind blaze orange LOL”

User Sherry Lee Vingum also writes: “I myself would stick with the blaze orange. If you want to wear pink, wear pink if the law passes. But honestly, I don’t think that is going to be an incentive to attract more women hunters. The love of the hunt should be the main objective…not whether or not you look “pretty in pink”.”

So what’s your take on the new proposed legislation?  If it passes will you partake in the pink this fall?

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