Sanderson Turkey Call

By Steve FloresApril 30, 2013

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

While I like to think I can hold my own when it comes to chasing whitetails, turkeys are a different matter. Having been in the game for about 3-4 years now, I’m finally starting to gain a little confidence. Not much…but a little. Early on, much of my inhibitions stemmed from my lack of calling skills. I can remember the first time I tried my hand at a slate call. Needless to say, I wasn’t attracting anything but weird looks from family and friends. And when it came to mouth calls, I was more afraid of strangling myself with it than anything else. But, like any bullheaded bowhunter I kept after it and eventually I learned how to use both types of calls. And, while I’m not entering any contests soon, I’m not afraid to “let it rip” in the spring woods either. (turkey videos)

sand 1

While this was one of the easiest slate calls I’ve ever used, it was without question the best looking.

Recently, I had the privilege of testing a particular slate call made in Millerstown PA. The gentleman behind this call is passionate turkey hunter Jerry Sanderson. As far as slate calls go, I will be the first to admit I prefer the simplicity and ease of carrying that comes with a mouth call. However, there is nothing like a good slate and the subtle purrs, yelps and cuts that can be generated with one. That is, if you know how to use it. (turkey broadheads)

Easy To Use
The Reverse Double Glass and Slate by Sanderson Turkey Calls is by far the easiest slate call I’ve ever used. Now, take that for what it is worth. Like I said, I’m not calling expert and some guys may find slate calls easy to operate. I can operate one with little to no problem, but it wasn’t always like that. Despite my lack of experience, I found this call easier to use than any other I’ve tried. In fact, on a recent trip to Tennessee, my oldest son (age 8) was producing decent cuts and yelps in a matter of minutes. (turkey calls and sounds)


The Sanderson Double Glass is an easy to use slate that can be mastered by any skill-leveled turkey hunter.

Moving on, the Sanderson Double Glass is actually 2 calls in 1. The front is designed for higher sounds and the back is made for the lower sounds of the adult turkey. This particular model was made sporting the emblem on the front (very nice). In all honesty, I preferred the back side and the sounds that it produced. In addition, it was also the easiest to use. The striker was also nice and seemed to fit my hand very well.


A recent trip to the “Volunteer” state brought just the kind of results my oldest son and I were looking for when he scored on his very first gobbler.

With the West Virginia Turkey season under way, I am looking forward to calling in a “Mountain” gobbler with this highly attractive, easy to use call. I just hope the turkeys are reading the same script I am.
For more information contact Jerry Sanderson of Sanderson Turkey calls at 717-589-3354 or [email protected].

Steve Flores
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