Top 25 Bowhunting Items for Under $50

By Steve FloresNovember 27, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Recently I asked our Pro Staff here at to give me a list of their “must have”, “can’t leave home without them” bowhunting items for $50 or less. In no particular order, here are the top 25 products that were suggested. And by the way, if one of your favorites didn’t make the list be sure and let us know. Who knows, maybe next year it will.

1. Good Broadheads: All of the suggestions involved NAP brand broadheads…and not because they are a sponsor. They are awesome broadheads…period. If you don’t believe me, try some for yourself and e-mail me with your results. [email protected]. Killzone $39.99 per 3


Having confidence in your broadheads can go a long way to making the shot when the pressure is on. Choose what goes on the business end of your arrow wisely.

2. Knight and Hale Pack Rack: This unique alternative to traditional rattling horns not only saves space, it also allows you to mimic the sound of fighting bucks with a lot less movement than smashing together a set of real or fake antlers. $24.99

3. Camo Face Paint: No bowhunter should be without this. Paint doesn’t interfere with the bowstring and adds the finishing touch to your overall concealment efforts.  The paint of choice for the team seems to be the easy to apply CamoFX product from Game Face.  In Lost Camo of course. $7.99

4. Hunter Safety System (HSS) Life Line: This system guarantees you are attached from the time you leave the ground until you return safetly at the end of your hunt. After using it this year for the first time, I will never hunt from a hang-on stand without one. Neither will my family members or those I care about the most. Best money you can spend. $49.99


What is your life worth? The HSS Life Line will keep you safe for less than the cost of a dozen carbon arrows.

5. Tree Umbrella: Hunting during the rain is never fun, but it can be made a lot better with the use of a packable tree umbrella.  Admittedly, we were skeptical at first but these things really work!  And with more and more bowhunter’s self-filming or bringing along a camera man, this is a must have to protect expensive equipment. $19.99

6. Bow Hook/Holder: Whether you prefer the 3 way extending type or a simple bow hook, having the option to hang your bow next to you while you retrieve something from your fanny pack or simply warm your hands is a must. EZ Hanger $15.99

7. Bow Hoist: A simple piece of rope will do the trick, but for those looking for something a little more sophisticated, try the Pine Ridge Archery Reel-A-Strap. $17.50

8. LED Headlamp: While many models exist, I can personally speak for the Primos Top Gun. Pumping out an amazing 150 lumens, this thing will cut through darkness like nobody’s business. And when covert movement is the name of the game, switch to the red LED and fly under the whitetail radar. $42.99

9. Hand Warmers: If I have to explain the value of these then you’ve probably never been on a real bowhunt. Priceless. Otherwise they will run you in the neighborhood of $12 for a big pack of 10.

10. Wicked Tree Gear Hand Saw: I’ve owned many hand saws and while Gerber makes a killer brand, the new Wicked Hand Saw may just be the best on the market. With a die-cast aluminum body, ultra sharp and rugged blade, and lifetime warranty this thing will most likely outlast your favorite pair of hunting boots. $39.99

Wicked Tree Gear Hand Saw
Whether you’re trimming branches, cutting down small trees or even sawing through the pelvis of a whitetail the Wicked Tough hand saw can handle it all.

11. Bow Sling:  All must-have when you are packing in extra equipment such as decoys, treestands, or cameras or going on a long hike deep into the backwoods.  Game Plan Gear, New Archery Products, Primos and Blacks Creek all make it easy to carry your bow without tying up your hands.  $34.99

12. Stic N Pic: When mounting your trail camera to a tree doesn’t appeal to you or doing so simply isn’t an option, consider the Stic N Pic mounting system. This allows you to attach your camera to the pole-like holder and drive it into the ground anywhere, anytime.  $39.99

No trees? No problem with the Stic-N-Pic

13. Crooked Horn Binocular Harness: These are designed to use your shoulders instead of your neck to support the weight of the binos and keep them close at hand when needed. Whether you are on a long hunt in the back country or a full day in the treestand, you will be glad you brought these along. $19.99

14. Tink’s Scrape Dripper: There are so many uses for this product. Scouting missions, buck attractants, game camera pics, etc. The best part is the containers can be used over and over again. $9.99 two-pack


If you want to attract bucks to your area, give the Scrape Dripper System from Tink’s a try

15. Knife w/Gut Hook: A sharp knife is one thing. A sharp knife with a gut-hook is another. A gut-hook will unzip a deer faster than you can say field tag. Making the field dressing chores so much easier.  Although there are many on the market, the Gerber Gator has been a solid choice for many years.  $39.99

16. NAP QuickFletch: If you have never tried these things you aren’t livin! They are without a doubt one of the coolest items out there. And the best part is…..they work! You can literally fletch a dozen arrows faster than I can type this product description. Awesome. $24.99 per 6


Forget about messy glue and the time consuming chore of fletching your own arrows. The NAP QuickFletch does it all for you.

17. Wind Checker: If wind currents are important to you, and they should be, you need to know what is going on around your stand at all times. This inexpensive product will do just that. $3.99

18. Extra Gloves: If you really want to save money, get the brown cotton type found in any gas station for $1. They may not be the best on the market, but in a pinch, when your favorite pair falls out of the stand or gets wet, they can be real life savers. And besides, that big buck won’t care if they aren’t in your favorite camo pattern.

19. Scent Spray: Regardless of your scent control measures it doesn’t hurt to have a backup system. Almost every bowhunter I know carries some type of scent control spray into the filed with them. It is simply good preventive medicine. $5-$10 per bottle

Tink's B-Tech Odor Eliminating Spray 

Although Tink’s is known for their popular line of deer lure, they are on the cutting edge when it comes to scent elimination sprays. Check out their line of B-Tech products.

20. Grunt Tube/Doe Bleat: They don’t always work, but you never know when a grunt or bleat will bring that trophy buck within shooting distance. While this call had the most votes, personally, I prefer a snort wheeze call over anything else. It is money in the bank. $15.99

21. Pee Bottle: When nature calls and you don’t want to risk contaminating your hunting area…..$1-$50 depending on the container I suppose.

22. Back Up Release: You can do without a lot of items….this is not one of them. Lose yours or forget it at home and the hunt is over; no exceptions. If you don’t want to carry an identical match to the one you are using, get a cheap backup. $24.99

bback up

Forget this item at home and it is game over….literally!

23. Allen Wrenches: One loose nut is all it takes to ruin an otherwise good time. Where have I heard that before? Anyway, these are cheap insurance that will save the day. Pine Ridge Archery $9.95


All it takes is one loose nut to ruin a hunt. Be prepared for anything with an Allen Wrench set.

24. Neck Gaiter: No matter how much clothing I have on if my neck gets cold I can’t stay warm. That only leads to one thing. Early treestand withdraw. Not Good. Hot Shot Double Knit Gaiter $6.99

25. Hot Mocs: Keep your feet warm without the aid of bulky footwear. Slip these puppies over your favorite boots, along with a toasty hand-warmer inside and you will be ready for anything Jack Frost throws at you. $39.95

Steve Flores
Steve Flores is a passionate hunter who enjoys chasing mountain whitetails in his native southern WV. Steve credits his love of hunting to his Dad who took the time to introduce him to what has become a life-long obsession....bowhunting for whitetail deer.
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