Black Bear Attacks Deer in Colorado Yard

Nature can be cruel at times. At least that’s what Colorado Springs native J.D. Gieck must have thought to himself as he captured video of a gruesome bear attack on a mule deer in his neighbor’s backyard earlier this month.

“To me, it was just like, ‘Alright, let’s get a picture of this one, see what it’s up to and watch it knock over a trash can or two. In no way, shape, or form did I expect this to happen. It’s probably one of the most crazy things I’ve ever seen,” Gieck told local news reporters after his video went viral worldwide, having more than 7 million views since he posted it on his Facebook page.

Gieck described the cinnamon colored black bear as acting normal before the attack occurred. When unexpectedly, the bear took an aggressive dive into some neighborhood bushes and pulled a large deer out. A deer that local Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers believed to have an injured leg prior to the attack.

As neighbors worried about the possibility but unlikelihood of the bear turning on them or their pets, a local Colorado Springs policeman was called onto the scene and eventually scared the bear off and put down the injured deer.

Warning: The video Gieck captured is slightly disturbing and younger viewers should not watch the short video without parental consent. We recommend that you turn down the volume on your computer or laptop as the cries from the deer are not for the faint of heart.


  1. Heidi Lightner says:

    This sick asshole could do nothing more than film the act!! Are you kidding me…the bear didn’t know what the hell it was doing and for that the deer suffered excessively. A real man would have taken a goddamn shotgun and fired it at the bear and put the dear out of it’s misery. Now this sonofabitch gets to make money off of this. We are a sick society when we get off by watching horrific videos. This guy is pathetic.


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