Prime RVX 32 Bow Review

By Brodie SwisherJune 17, 2024

Prime continues to build off their popular Revex bows from 2023 with the all-new RVX series of compound bows. For 2024, you’ll find the new RVX 32 (32″ axle to axle), RVX 34 (34″ axle to axle), and RVX 36 (36″ axle to axle). This latest lineup of solid shooting bows from Prime adequately covers shooters of all kinds, from the target line to the treestand. 

For this review, we’ll take a look specifically at the RVX 32, a bow the Prime team says delivers industry leading stability and accuracy. Check it out in the video below.

Specs on the RVX 32


Axle to Axle – 32″

Brace Height – 6.25″ 

Draw Length – 26″ – 30″

Draw Weight – 40 – 80 lbs

IBO Speed – 340 FPS

Weight – 4.4 lbs

Letoff – Up to 85% 

G-Fade Finish Option

Price – $1,199

Prime Rvx 32 Bow Review

Core Cam System

The Prime team says their Core Cam is the most tunable and accuracy focused cam system they’ve ever built. The cam draws nice and smooth for a really comfortable cycle, but it’s also built to maximize efficiency and downrange performance.  

New for this year, the cam design now includes draw length specific mods. 

You’ll need to choose the mod that’s built for your specific draw length. No more one size fits all draw mod. 

Why make this move? 

The bow engineers at Prime believe doing so allows for maximum efficiency at every draw length. They believe it’s the best way to pull the most performance from the cam system. 

Prime Rvx 32 Bow Review

Prime bows have long been known to deliver some of the most balanced bows on the market. They use to accomplish this through their parallel cam technology, however, these days their Core cam system allows the brand to maintain superior balance with an inline cam design to simplify the overall performance process.  

Center Grip Riser

The bow’s Center Grip riser design places more mass bow weight lower in the riser to improve aiming and stability through the entire shot cycle. Again, it’s a nod to the engineering process that continues to build some of the most balanced bows you’ll ever draw to your cheek.  

The Prime team says this allows you to get on target sooner and hold longer. In fact, they’ve said it’s up to 64% more efficient than non-center grip bows.

The Center Grip Riser makes the bow more shooter friendly at the shot, but also makes it an easier carry in the woods, at your side, or over your shoulder. The bow is truly all about balance. 

Prime Rvx 32 Bow Review

Nano Grip

Prime offers the perfect blend of comfort and consistency with their popular Nano Grip. It’s a pretty slick concept designed to keep your bow grip warm to the touch, even on the most frigid days of deer season.

How do they do it? 

The grip is built with an Aerogel technology, a product developed by NASA to combat extreme temperatures. But what that means for bowhunters is that it creates an insulated barrier between a cold aluminum riser and the composite grip. 

Prime Rvx 32 Bow Review

It’s a grip built for comfort, and comfort leads to consistency. Regardless of the sophisticated technology, however, the bow grip feels good in the hand. So even on days when you don’t need the warmth-to-the-touch benefit in the bow grip, you’ll still shoot with confidence knowing you have a bow grip in hand that allows for a repeatable shot. 

Performance on the Range

For a real world look at the performance of the RVX 32 in a hunting setup, I shot my 412 grain Easton Axis arrows through the Garmin XERO chrono. 

The test bow was set up at 28″ draw length and maxed out at 70 pounds draw weight. 

We put a bunch of shots through the chrono and continued to get high-end speeds of 287 FPS. That’s plenty of speed for my 28″ draw and middle-of-the-road arrow weight for the hunting setup. 

Prime Rvx 32 Bow Review

With its Swerve Technology the bow is a perfect blend of balance in the hand, creating a super steady hold on target. The unique Swerve design minimizes riser torque, allowing for greater stability throughout the shot cycle.

It’s smooth on the draw, quiet on the shot, and as mentioned above, has all the speed you need in the whitetail woods. 

Prime Rvx 32 Bow Review

The RVX 32 is another very shooter-friendly offering from the Prime team. In fact, Prime fans will quickly come to know it as the best of all things in Prime technology and shootability.  

Prime Rvx 32 Bow Review

The bow comes in a variety of camo and color finish options, as well as Prime’s unique G-Fade option. The G-Fade design is a smooth blend of solids and industry-leading camo patterns. It take versatility to the next level with a solid color riser for hunting in a blind, while the outer camo pattern allows for coverage when you’re in the treestand. 

The bow sells for $1,199 and includes free bowstrings for life once the bow is registered. Check it out at your local Prime dealer, or online at www.g5prime.com

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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