6 Must-Have Saddle Hunting Accessories

By Brodie SwisherJune 24, 20241 Comment

If you’re dabbling with the idea of hunting from a saddle this season, you’re probably wondering what exactly is required in the way of gear to make it happen. What are the basics? 

If that’s you, we’ve got you covered! In fact, we’ve got a whole article and video on How to Get Started With Saddle Hunting. Check it out HERE.

However, in the video below, Justin Zarr takes a look at the next step in the saddle hunting process by narrowing down some of what he considers must-have gear you’ll want to add to the basic saddle hunting gear you start with. 

Check out his 6 Must-Have Saddle Hunting Accessories below. 

6. Knee Pads

Kneed pads are a great accessory to have in the mix to add comfort for extended hours in the tree. They are particularly useful for the saddle hunter that likes to slide down into a seated position, resting his/her knees into the tree. 

Doing so without knee pads gets painful in a hurry. Knee pads give you the comfort and protection you need while sitting, or maneuvering around the tree for the shot. 

Most any knee pads will help, but Tethrd has a pair built specifically for the saddle hunter with the grip, flex and comfort you need in the tree. 

6 Must Have Saddle Hunting Accessories

And yes, we did say there were 6 must-have accessories on our list, but Justin managed to throw in a bonus item – Back Support. 

Like knee pads, a back support or saddle recliner can make a world of difference when it comes to long hours in the tree, or all-day hunts. Having a back support strap like the MVP or Recliner from Tethrd adds a tremendous amount of support, right where you need it. 

It’s completely customizable, so you can put it where you need relief, be it your upper back, lower back, or butt. This is a great tool to have in the mix when it comes to additional comfort. 

6 Must Have Saddle Hunting Accessories

5. Climbing Stick Aiders

Adding an aider to your climbing sticks allows you to stretch out your sticks, providing additional height without adding another climbing stick. 

Even just one aider on your bottom stick allows you a considerable jumpstart, raising the height of your first stick. It’s a great way to climb higher, without the bulk of extra sticks. 

6 Must Have Saddle Hunting Accessories

4. Gear Ties

You’ll find endless uses for the gear ties you anchor to your saddle hunting gear. Use them for securing gear, anchoring your platform to your saddle as you climb, and much more. 

Every hunter should have a pack of gear ties close by to make life easier when it comes to securing gear. 

The Nite Ize brand keeps you covered with gear ties of all sizes and colors to meet any saddle hunting, strapping, or tie-down need you might have. 

6 Must Have Saddle Hunting Accessories

3. Stealth Strips

You’ll find a million uses for Stealth Strips. It’s the absolute best way to quiet your gear to keep you stealthy in the deer woods. From your climbing sticks, to platforms, and everything in between, Stealth Strips truly help you hush any noisy gear you’re toting to the woods. 

Unlike other tape options of the past, Stealth Strips is made to last. It’s like duct tape on steroids! And it’s built specifically for making your gear quiet. 

We’ve used it on our bows, arrow rest, treestands, optics, cameras, tripods, and even to patch a leaky tent. Stealth Strips is the stuff! Every hunter should keep a roll in their truck, shop and hunting camp.

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2. HYS Strap

If you’ve ever watched a video of someone hunting from a saddle, you probably noticed what looks like a small sporting goods display in front of the hunter in the tree. Saddle hunters have a lot of gear hanging around in the tree. That’s why it’s important to stay organized with a tool like the HYS Strap from Tethrd.

The strap is the perfect public land legal gear hanger. Whether you girth hitch it or t-hook it, the HYS Strap has plenty of options for you to get keep all your gear organized and out of the way until you need it. 

Pair the HYS Strap with a Hero Clip and some S-biners and you can easily hang your bow, pack, binos, rangefinder, grunt call, and more, all within easy reach.  

6 Must Have Saddle Hunting Accessories

1. Ascender

The ascender is a tool that some hunters might call an “extra” or a luxury item that isn’t really necessary. However, try using a lineman rope just once with a prusik knot-style adjustment and you’ll quickly see the ascender is a must-have piece of gear. That’s why it’s sitting in the #1 spot on our list. It’s truly a game changer for saddle hunters. 

The ascender makes length adjustments for your lineman rope, or tether rope, a quick and easy, one-handed task. The Ropeman 1 Ascender or the Kong Duck are both popular options that simplify the process of climbing in and out of the tree. Don’t wait to add this one to your kit. Consider the ascender standard equipment. Once you use one, you’ll never go to the  woods without it again. 

6 Must Have Saddle Hunting Accessories

What about you? What gear have you found to be must-have gear when it comes to saddle hunting?  Comment below, and let us know what you think. 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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