Father’s Day Gift Guide for Bowhunters

By Brodie SwisherJune 7, 2024

Father’s Day is nearly here! If you’re still shopping for the perfect gift, or have family members asking for ideas, we’ve got you covered. 

From the small and simple, to big ticket items that are sure to please, we’ve got a great list of ideas that will easily hit the mark this Father’s Day. 

Check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide for Bowhunters below. 

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Stealth Cam Revolver Trail Camera

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

The latest camera from Stealth Cam provides maximum trail cam intel on the properties you hunt. The all new Stealth Cam Revolver 360-Degree Cellular Trail Camera delivers the equivalent of six cameras worth of coverage in a single device. You’ll capture 4MP/8MP/16MP/36MP photos and 1080 HD video with audio through a really slick, 360-degree cellular camera that covers six zones to deliver a complete panorama of its surroundings. 

Hunters can now get a full 360 degrees of visibility, day and night, to ensure they never miss a thing, even deer passing behind where the lens is positioned. Price – $149.99

Pocket Shop Archer's Tool

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Every bowhunter needs to have this tool in their pack, truck or at hunting camp. It’s a hunt-saver, no doubt. The Pocket Shop is a 20 in 1 multi-tool built specifically for the archer and bowhunter. From the built-in assortment of tools to the set of (archery specific) hex bits included, this multi-tool has everything an archer might need, whether in the field or the shop. Price – $29

Permethrin Tick Repellent

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Give the gift of tick prevention this Father’s Day with a bottle of Sawyer Permethrin. It’s odorless after drying and can be used to treat a variety of fabrics like clothing, gear, and tents. Just one application of this insect repellent treatment is effective against mosquitoes and ticks for 6 weeks or 6 washes. Price – $18

Vortex Crossfire Rangefinder

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

The gift of a rangefinder is sure to please any bowhunting dad for Father’s Day. The Crossfire HD 1400 has everything you need with a 1,400-yard max range. To match any hunting environment, the Crossfire HD 1400 has three target modes (Normal, First, Last) and two ranging modes (HCD and LOS). A red TOLED display keeps the readout clear in any lighting conditions and, at just 4.8 ounces, the Crossfire HD 1400 hunts hard and carries light.  Price – $289


Best Gear For Hot Weather Hunting

A Thermacell unit is a must-have item when it comes to warm weather hunting or fishing. It’s a portable mosquito repeller that’s easy to use and provides hours of scent-free, mess-free mosquito defense up to 15 feet away. The kit includes one repeller, one 12-hour fuel cartridge, and three 4-hour repellent mats. Price – $29.99

Easton Arrows

easton axis arrows

Don’t forget the arrows! He loves to shoot them, but sure hates to buy them. Make sure your dad stays well stocked this season with a fresh batch of Easton arrows. The Easton 5mm AXIS Pro arrow shafts are high-quality match-grade arrows that are tough to beat for hunters or archers on the tournament line. At just 5mm in diameter, these arrows are designed to be less affected by wind drift compared to a full-size arrow and are tough as nails to handle all the abuse archers dish out. 

Price – $169 

Stealth Strips

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Stealth Strips are probably one of the most versatile and underrated products in the hunting industry. You can use it on most anything. It lasts seemingly forever, won’t break the bank, and you can never have too much of it. 

It’s truly the best camo silencing tape ever created. But it’s actually more than just tape. It is self adhesive silencing fabric. Great for silencing your bow, accessories, treestand gear, climbing sticks and more. Price – $8.95 – $20.95.

Block Infinity Target

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

The Block Infinity target makes a great gift that’ll get plenty of use throughout the year. It’s built with a new level of extreme stopping power and extended target life with exclusive construction and six-sided shooting. The target has all the stopping power you need, yet allows for super easy arrow removal after the shot. 

You can use the targets with field points, fixed blade broadheads, or mechanicals. And they’ll even stop arrows up to 500 FPS. There are two target sizes available – the Block Infinity 20 measuring 20” x 20” and Block Infinity 22 measuring 22” x 22”. Price – $219.99 / $249.99

Bando Bag

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

The Bando Bag is the perfect gift to help a hunter stay prepared, whether during off-season scouting missions, hiking, hunting, or just hanging out. The Bando Bag by Eberlestock is a lightweight and convenient way to haul all your EDC items. It has a full-zip back pocket that measures 5.25”H x 9.25”W x 3”D, large enough to secure most sub-compact and compact sidearms like the Glock-19 and those similar in size. 

You’ll find a main compartment that features an interior mesh zippered pocket and two slip pockets for additional organization. A small zippered front pocket is perfect for keys, cords, or other small items. Price – $49.99

Lancaster Archery Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

If gift cards are your thing, we’ve got you covered there as well. Just grab a gift card from Lancaster Archery Supply. It’s got thousands of options for the archer and bowhunter. You can’t go wrong with this one! 

Fix It Sticks

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

The Fix It Sticks All-in-One Torque Driver tool just might be the handiest tool you’ll ever use. You’ll seriously find a million uses for this tool when you keep it close by in your truck or around hunting camp. 

Use it to tighten down bow accessories, scope rings, mounts, action screws, red dot sights, mounting plates and more, to the correct tongue while in the field, at the range, or at home. Price – $159

Printed Hunting Maps

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Whether mounted on the hunting camp wall, or actually carried to the field, HuntStand offers quality, printed maps that make for an affordable option to show off the family farm or hunting lease. They are perfect for sharing intel or story telling around the table at camp. 

Printed maps are available in several different materials and sizes to meet any need. Price – $49 – $149

Treehouse 16 Backpack

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

The Treehouse 16 is the smallest pack in the Mystery Ranch Treehouse lineup. It weighs just 2.6 pounds and is perfectly for your hunts when you wanna scale down with just the essentials for a lighter load in the deer woods.

It covers your needs with hydration capability, compression straps to hold your weapon, and room for lunch and tools. Its quiet, custom-designed fleece exterior and Cotna fabric interior keeps things quiet and stealthy, and once you’re in your treestand, the included strap securely attaches it to the tree for easy access, with no additional hooks or screws needed. Price – $175. 

Garmin Watch

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Want to give a gift he’ll use every day? Give him a Garmin watch. The Garmin Instinct 2 is an incredible tool with tons of features that go far beyond merely tracking time. When you step into the backcountry, you’ll appreciate the Multi-GNSS support that uses GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo to keep your location precise no matter where you roam. ABC sensors deliver essential data with an altimeter, barometer, and 3-axis compass. 

Trackback routing takes the hassle out of figuring out the way back to camp by directing you to the same route you took to get wherever you are. It has a rechargeable battery that’ll last up to 54 days in smartwatch mode and has unlimited life on battery-saver mode if you wear it 3 hours per day in 50,000 lux conditions. Price – $199

Makita Portable Coffee Maker

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Every deer camp, regardless of the location, needs coffee. You can now have the power to brew anywhere with the Makita Portable Coffee Maker. It brews one 5 oz. cup of coffee in 5 minutes when powered by an 18V LXT Battery (battery sold separately). No paper filters necessary. The permanent drip filter allows you to simply pour grounds directly into the coffee maker. It’s super simple and always keeps you ready to go. 

Price – $131.99



You’ll certainly want to make sure to stock up on BHOD gear for Father’s Day with all the latest swag in the shop. You can mix and match these bundles to get exactly what Dad will like best. 

From the original Antler Shield gear, to the newest shirts and hats, you can find whatever suits your dad. Price – $45 – $65.

Happy Father’s Day from the Bowhunting.com crew! We hope you enjoy the day with family, good food and arrows down range. 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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