SEVR 1.5″ 4-Blade Hybrid Broadhead Review

By Brodie SwisherJune 24, 20244 Comments

SEVR has just released their latest broadhead for 2024 with a unique design that delivers a deadly combination of durability and massive cutting ability to maximize blood trails. The all-new SEVR Titanium 1.5″ 4-Blade Hybrid broadhead is sure to find its place in countless quivers this fall as the latest hard hitting option from SEVR. 

The SEVR brand is still fairly young among many of the longtime broadhead makers on the market. However, they have quickly gathered a loyal following of bowhunters across the country that rely on the rock solid performance SEVR broadheads deliver. 

After a little time on the range, it’s safe to say the new Hybrid 4-Blade will no doubt continue to follow the lead of other heads in the SEVR lineup. Below, you’ll find a closer look at the all-new SEVR Titanium 1.5″ 4-Blade Hybrid Broadhead.   

Sevr Launches 1.5" Hybrid 4 Blade Broadhead

The Titanium 1.5” 4-Blade Hybrid is a mechanical head built on a rear-deploying design to maximize cutting area for greater bloodtrails. 

The Hybrid is built with the best of both worlds with a 1.5″ locking-pivoting main blade, combined with a .7″ wide fixed bleeder blade. The incredibly sharp bleeder blade out front ensures you’ll get more than just simple slices in the wound channel. 

In fact, the hybrid combination delivers over 2.2 inches of total cut to create a devastating wound channel. And that’s an increase of 46% compared to the standard Ti 1.5″ broadhead. 

I’ve killed a number of deer with SEVR broadheads the last couple years. One of the things that first attracted me to their design was their solid construction. A lot of mechanical broadheads seem to be built with a one-and-done design. You shoot them once and they’re trash. 

That’s not the case with SEVR heads. In fact, I’ve yet to throw a head out due to damage, or failure. They’re still sharp and ready to go. I’ve just cleaned them up from the mud and blood and put them back in the quiver. 

This latest option is built to be just as tough. The SEVR Ti 1.5″ Hybrid features a one-piece machined titanium ferrule and precision-ground tip for enhanced durability. You’ll find Diamond-Honed sharpened stainless-steel blades designed to penetrate deep and deliver the deadliest wounds of anything in its class. 

Lock-and Pivot

SEVR’s reputation for being one of the best penetrating mechanicals on the market comes from their tried and true Lock-and-Pivot design. This Lock-and-Pivot technology ensures blades lock open on impact and pivot around hard-bone obstacles to maintain a straight and true arrow trajectory through various shot angles and blade-on-bone impacts. 

The end result is superior penetration compared to conventional rear-deploying broadheads that are not built to pivot around hard bone or other obstacles. 

Sevr Launches 1.5" Hybrid 4 Blade Broadhead

Stretch Cut for Bigger Wound Channels

The hybrid design of this new broadhead lends itself to more massive wound channels. You simply have more blades going to work for you.

However, the Stretch Cut blade effect also stretches the hide while cutting, resulting in a wound diameter larger than the blade itself. It’s a design that yields bigger blood trails and faster recoveries after the shot.

Practice Lock

Too few hunters actually practice with their broadhead before the hunt. They simply screw on the broadhead and hope for the best. After all, when you pay $50 for a 3-pack of broadheads, the idea of sacrificing one for the sake of practice is a hard pill to swallow. 

A number of brands use to include a practice head in the package when purchased. However, it seems like that is becoming less and less the norm. 

Fortunately, SEVR has a really slick Practice Lock system that allows you to practice with the same heads you’ll hunt with. No more guessing or practicing with a practice head that’s not even close to the real thing. On the Hybrid, you simply screw in a set screw to lock the blades in place. No damage, no dulling. It’s a great way to know exactly what you can expect from your broadhead on the hunt. 

Sevr Launches 1.5" Hybrid 4 Blade Broadhead

I pulled one of the Hybrids from the package, screwed it down into Practice Lock and took a number of shots on the range. Like I’ve found with all other SEVR broadheads the last several years, the Hybrid flew no different than my field points. 

I was concerned that the bleeder blades may create some flight issues, but after a handful of shots, I knew this head, like the others before it, was right on the money when it comes to field point accuracy.  

Sevr Launches 1.5" Hybrid 4 Blade Broadhead

The Titanium 1.5″ 4-Blade Hybrid Broadhead is available in 100 and 125 grains with standard 8-32 threads, or 100-grain Deep Six threads. 

Like we’ve seen in the past, SEVR continues to sell their broadheads in a single pack, allowing you to buy just what you need. No more being stuck with a 3-pack. You can buy 1, 2, 10, or whatever you desire. 

The new Hybrid heads are priced at $19.99. Check them out at www.sevrbroadheads.com

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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