ScentLok Nfuse Ozone Sprayer

By Brad KaufmannJune 4, 2021

The new Nfuse Ozone Sprayer from ScentLok, has the ability to turn regular tap water into scent-killing liquid with the use of ozone. Check it out in the video below…

This Nfuse Ozone Sprayer unit from ScentLok, is a product that meets a few different needs in a hunters life. It can be used to control and kill odor on gear that can’t be put in the washing machine such as a bow sling or safety harness. But it also has many other practical uses such as killing bacteria on surfaces and inside of coolers.

It’s such a useful and simple idea that you can’t help but think, “Why hasn’t anyone made this yet?” It fuses ozone technology, with the idea of scent killing spray to turn regular tap water, into a scent and bacteria killing liquid, with unlimited refills.

Scentlok Nfuse Ozone Sprayer
The ozone generator at the bottom infuses the water to turn it into a scent and bacteria killer.

How It Works

The way that the Nfuse sprayer works is relatively simple, and will take out the need for buying scent killing sprays. It runs on an internal battery and comes with a plug-in charger that uses a micro-usb port on the unit itself.

Once it’s charged enough, all you have to do is twist off the top, pour in some water from your faucet, and screw the top back on. Once there’s water in it, you simply press the button on the front and watch the magic happen. After 90 seconds, the ozone has successfully been infused into the water, and it’s ready for use.

Scentlok Nfuse Ozone Sprayer
This can be used on all the gear that can't be put in a regular washing machine like your boots, bow sling, or safety harness.

How To Use It

After it’s charged and the water is infused with Ozone, you just use it like you would a regular scent-killing spray. Use it to spray down at home, in the field, or even use it for cleaning purposes. Let’s say you shoot a nice buck and just finished processing it back home. You can use this ozone infused water to help kill all the viruses, bacteria, and odor that is left. Spray on your kitchen counter, cutting surfaces, inside your stinky coolers, etc.

It’s best to use the spray right after the water is infused, as the ozone will come out of it after a period of time. The nozzle is designed to create an ultra-fine mist for maximum coverage, and it even sprays upside down.


For what seems like such a simple idea, it has so many practical uses, even outside of the hunting world. And it truly is a first-of-its-kind product that ScentLok has created. You can get the Nfuse Ozone Sprayer at their website – www.scentlok.com – and it comes at a price of $129.99.

Brad Kaufmann
Brad is a die-hard bowhunter from Northern Illinois that loves chasing whitetails and turkeys.
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