ATA Show 2020

Learn more about the great new bowhunting and archery products announced at the 2020 ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Blizzard Buddy Body Suit

The Blizzard Buddy Body Suit is a heat retention system that’s both windproof and waterproof. It’s made with a sleek truesuede material that stays very quiet, and won’t make a lot of noise at the moment of truth. Some of the best features of the Blizzard Buddy, are the bino clips on the front so […]

Black Gold Sights Ascent Mountain Lite

The new Ascent Mountain Lite is built on the “Whitetail” platform that they came out with in 2019, and it’s short, compact and lightweight. It weighs in only 8.4 ounces, and is as durable as ever. One of the newest features of this sight, is the dual indicator system. Each indicator needle is individually adjustable, […]

Fourth Arrow Final Rest Shooting System

The Fourth Arrow Final Rest Shooting System is a portable shooting rest with seemingly endless options when it comes to mounting it to your treestand, ground blind, shooting house and more. Say goodbye to bulky tripods taking up floor space and leg room in your blind or treestand. This system streamlines the way you rest […]

Buck Bomb Scrape Generator Strips

The latest from Buck Bomb is their new Buck Bomb Scrape Generator Strips. These strips are pre-packaged scent strips of shammy material, pre-soaked with the company’s synthetic forehead gland. It’s a quick and easy mock scrape system for fast setup, right out of the package. No more spills, messes and malfunctions. You simply wrap the […]

Fourth Arrow Rex Arm Rail Mount Kit

The new Fourth Arrow Rex Arm Rail Mount Kit is a compact and lightweight camera arm mounting solution that allows you to attach your camera arm to the shooting rail of your treestand. It’s the perfect setup for adding an additional camera to the mix, or a stand-alone camera when you’re hunting from a ladder […]

Black Eagle Revelation Micro Diameter Arrow

The new Black Eagle Revelation shaft is a micro-diameter shaft built for long distance target archery, yet has hunting outsert options with the company’s Focus outsert. It’s a heavy GPI (grains per inch) shaft, yet small enough to cut the wind on long-range targets. It has a redesigned, custom steel point system to give you […]

Scentlok Forefront Suit

The Scentlok Forefront suit is a super-quiet, mid-season suit to carry you through the chilly days around the November rut. It comes in a variety of camo patterns, including the new Terra Gila pattern, and has Scentlok’s top technologies, like Carbon Alloy for odor adsorption and Precip-X to repel water and keep you dry. It’s […]

Yeti NEW V-Series Cooler and Can Insulators

New for 2020 from YETI is the V-Series vaccuum-sealed cooler. This cooler features a killer retro aluminum look and thanks to the vacuum-sealed construction it holds ice up to 60% longer than regular rotomolded/insulated coolers. Also new for this year are 2 new can insulators including a “slim” can and a “tall” can insulator. Both […]

Mathews Engage Limb Legs

The new Engage Limb legs are designed to quickly and quietly attach to the limb pocket on your Mathews bow. Once attached, simply fold the legs open and you have a bow stand that keeps both your cam and your arrow completely off the ground. When you’re done hunting the Engage limb legs can be […]

Nose Jammer Rub On Wax Stick

New for 2020 is the Nose Jammer Wax Stick. Like previous Nose Jammer products, the Wax Stick uses powerful, naturally-occuring smells to overwhelm a deer’s sense of smell to allow you to remain undetected. The wax stick can be used almost anywhere and lasts for up to two weeks per application. This provides not only […]