ATA Show 2020

Learn more about the great new bowhunting and archery products announced at the 2020 ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

UltraView Archery - UltraView II Sight Scope

The UltraView II features a wireless battery on top, that is held in place by 2 magnets and can be removed if needed. The 2 versions of this sight feature either a sticker dot, or a center drilled piece of fiber, thus eliminating any pin obstruction.

TruGlo Veros Bow Sight

The Veros sight has a few new features for TruGlo. It is a 5-pin sight that uses the TruGlo “Decreasing Diameter Pin” or DDP, which is a smaller pin for the farther distances, and a larger pin for the close distances. They also made the shooter’s ring a little thicker, a little brighter, and they’re […]

X-Stand Treestands - Duke Ladder Stand

The “Duke” ladder stand features the X-Stand jaw safety system on the back, which allows you to clamp the stand on to a tree without having to climb up it. That way, you can safely put the main ratchet straps on the stand, without worrying that it will fall.

B3 Archery Exoskeletal Broadheads

B3 Archery came out with 2 new broadheads this year. They made both a fixed blade and an expandable, which are both stainless steel and use “hands-free” machining so they all fly ture. Their fixed head is made of stainless steel has a 1.2″ cutting diameter and offset blades which will increase the cutting shape. […]

Down & Out Collapsible Ground Blinds by Hawk

We check out the collapsible steel-framed Down & Out Blinds from Hawk, which feature silent magnetic windows. These blinds can be put together in less than 5 minutes and come in a variety of sizes. The new magnetic window system allows for quick and silent window adjustment and opening. Each blind collapses down into a […]

Lone Wolf Custom Gear - Pocket Arm

The new Pocket Arm camera arm is the perfect tool for the mobile hunter, that films his hunts. It’s extremely lightweight and has such a low profile that you can fit it into your pocket. Hence the name, “Pocket Arm”. When fully extended, the 3-piece arm can reach about 28″ in length and has great […]

Lone Wolf Custom Gear - Double Step Climbing Stick

The new Double Step Climbing Stick has an extremely low profile as they can be stacked on top of each other. A 4-pack of these sticks, when stacked on top of each other, has a profile of less than 3 inches. This is the ultimate mobile setup if you’re looking for a very compact, lightweight […]