ATA Show 2020

Learn more about the great new bowhunting and archery products announced at the 2020 ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

PSE Archery - Nock On Series Bows

Perhaps the biggest announcement made at the 2020 ATA Show, was that John Dudley and PSE have partnered up to unleash a Nock On series of bows. The first 2 Nock On Edition bows are the Carbon Air Stealth Mach 1 and the EVO NTN 33. They are both similar to previous bows that PSE […]

Out On A Limb - Shikar Climbing Sticks

Out On A Limb created a lot of buzz at the 2020 ATA Show with their new “Shikar” climbing stick. This climbing stick can be customized with either a single step, or double steps. It’s extremely lightweight, and has a very slim profile when broken down. This climbing stick won gold for New Product Release […]

Stokerized - M1 Micro Series

The M1 Series uses the same carbon as the SL series, but is in a smaller diameter. They’re available in the most popular hunting and target lengths, and come in 4 different finishes; Black, Sniper Green, Storm Grey, and Tactical Tan. The main benefit of using a micro diameter stabilizer is weight. You can get […]

Scent Thief - Scent Elimination Products

The Scent Thief Scent Elimination Product was designed to temporarily eliminate the animal’s ability to smell. It masks the human odor, and any other odor that will alert a deer.

Rambo - All Wheel Drive Electric Bike

This is the very first, all-wheel drive bike that Rambo has ever made. It comes with dual 500 watt motors on the front and back, so you’ve got 500 watts of power pulling, and pushing you. This is classified as a mountain bike, so it can be used on any mountain bike trails at a […]

Rugid Bow Case

The Rugid Bow Case has a 100% waterproof outer shell, and a soft but stable interior. The padding on the inside is held in place by Velcro, so when needed, you can remove the padding to clean the inside of the case. It doesn’t have any straps or buckles for your bow, it’s simply held […]

New Era Archery - Zues Broadhead

The Zues broadhead has a design that allows you to change the broadhead weight by switching the tip from their 100 grain tip, to their 125 grain head. Its main blades have a cutting diameter of 1 ½ inches, and the bleeder blades have a cut of ⅞”. The 2 main blades are spring loaded, […]

Morrell - RT 450 Target

Morrell continues their streak of easy pulling targets with the RT 450. It can handle both compounds and crossbows of up to 450fps. They use a patented layered design on the inside, and the durable outer layer is built to last a long time.

Morrell - Big High Roller Target

The new Big High Roller is a bigger version of their High Roller 21 target. The foam used for this target, makes pulling your arrows as easy as can be. Even when shooting a high speed crossbow into the foam, removing the arrow was almost effortless. Their incredibly durable, and will last a very long […]

Mystery Ranch - Pop Up 38 Backpack

The new Pop Up 38 backpack, has a newly designed frame and bag. It has a 2 pocket lid that covers the bag well, and can also be used to keep your bag organized. The front pocket is great for anything that needs to be accessed quickly such as game calls, a jacket, or gloves. […]