ATA Show 2020

Learn more about the great new bowhunting and archery products announced at the 2020 ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Lumenok Small Diameter Arrow Outsert for Lighted Nocks

Archers who shoot ultra small diameter arrow shafts often struggle to find reliable lighted nocks. New for 2020, the folks at Lumenok have developed a glue-on outsert that accepts a standard Lumenok “H” nock for improved brightness and reliability.

ScentLok Full Season Elements Suit

Scentlok’s new Full Season Elements Suit features a hunting jacket and hunting pant with waterproof panels in select areas to help keep you dry when it rains, without a full waterproof membrane that may make noise when you don’t want it to. The rest of the garment is treated with PrecipX, which is a superhydrophobic […]

Custom Bow Strings From Americas Best Bowstrings

Learn about the different types of custom bowstrings from America’s Best Bowstrings including information on their industry-leading 2 YEAR warranty on their top of the line Platinum custom bow strings & cables.

HS Strut New Turkey Calls For 2020

New for 2020 is the Strut Select line of high-end turkey calls from HS Strut. They include custom pot calls that are hand-assembled and include a Dymalux striker for improved sound as well as a new turkey box call, the Hedge Cutter, with a top made from an Osage Orange tree.

New Women's Hunting Clothing from DSG Outerwear

Wendy with DSG tells us why the Kylie 3-in-1 jacket makes it the #1 seller in their line of high-quality women’s hunting apparel. She also gives us a look at the all-new DSG Drop-Seat women’s hunting bibs that can be easily converted into pants by zipping off the top of the bibs. If you’re in […]

Spitfire Archery Shot Trainer by Wartorn Archery

The new Spitfire archery shot trainer from Wartorn Archery allows you to see exactly how much you may be torquing or canting your bow during the shot. Included with this high-quality shot trainer are a hard case and 3 different level color options. The case will hold your Spitfire shot trainer along and your release […]

Scent Crusher Rapid Mobile Shower

Scent Crusher unveiled a few new products at the 2020 ATA Show, but the one with the most buzz is called the Rapid Mobile Shower. Despite how high-tech and complicated it looks, it’s anything but. It was specifically made for the car ride to your hunting spot, so all you need to do is strip […]

Kirsch Bloodhound Xtreme Tracking Nock

The new Bloodhound XTN from Kirsch Hunting is a lighted nock that doubles as a tracking device. The nock features a built-in battery and transmitter that is activated when shot. When the arrow enters the animal the nock is dislodged and two small wires are deployed which help the XTN stay in the animal. If […]