Serious Hunters Gear Up with Easton FMJ

By Courtney KaufmannSeptember 29, 2022
Serious Hunters Gear Up With Easton Fmj

Metal-jacketed micro carbon arrows are field-proven for big game hunters seeking to maximize broadhead penetration to kill quicker and increase game recovery.

The Easton Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) arrow uses a durable carbon backbone combined with an aluminum jacket to combine into the most effective arrow available to bowhunters.

FMJ arrows extract more energy from the bow and increase penetration by combining it with a micro surface area and a slick metal shaft surface.

The ultra-micro diameter penetrates with less friction within the target for more pass-through impacts to take down game quickly and speed recovery. Reduced friction during flight means higher speed downrange and the slick aluminum surface also offers noticeably easier target extraction.  

Full Metal Jacket is available in 5mm, and the ultra-micro 4mm flagship model.

For more information on the FMJ arrows visit eastonarchery.com

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Courtney Kaufmann
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