By Courtney KaufmannJune 24, 2022
Hha™ Sports New Optimizer Ultra X

Adjustable bow sight technology leader HHA™ Sports is proud to announce it has improved upon one of its most popular single-pin bow sights of all time, the Optimizer Ultra X, with a new Infinite Adjust Slotted Side Bracket, giving archers even more range of movement to dial in their setup for the most accuracy.

“The best never rests, and we take the faith that our customers have in our products seriously,” said Chris Hamm, CoOwner and VP of Operations at HHA Sports. 

“We added the new Infinite Adjust Bracket to the Optimizer Ultra X to help archers get on target faster than ever before, taking one of the most popular single-pin sights on the market and making it that much better.”

The Optimizer Ultra X sight has remained one of the top selling single-pin sights ever since its release nearly 20 years ago. The sight has seen many updates over the years, helping to keep its legendary status as one extremely accurate bow sight. 

The Ultra X features HHA’s famed Range. Dial. Shoot. technology with water-resistant yardage tapes. With R.D.S., you get to-the-yard accuracy from 20-80 yards with the simple turn of a wheel. The new Infinite Adjust Slotted Side Bracket makes that process quicker, too.

The Ultra X comes with your choice of a .010, .019, or .029-inch diameter pin which uses HHA’s A.R.M.O.R. pin protection technology for long life and durability. You can also select from a 1-⅝ or a 1-¾-inch diameter scope housing and decide with you want a Mechanical Rheostat or not. 

A level bubble is standard on all models and every part of the sight is designed with durability in mind. The Optimizer Ultra X comes in right or left hand models and carries the HHA Sports 100-percent lifetime warranty and is proudly sourced and Made in the U.S.A.

For more information on the new Optimizer Ultra X visit HHASports.com.

Courtney Kaufmann
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