America’s Best Bowstrings Inc. Acquires Helix Broadheads

By Brad KaufmannNovember 2, 20212 Comments

LAST UPDATED: December 15th, 2021

America’s Best Bowstrings (ABB) is excited to announce its acquisition of Strickland’s Archery Helix from Tim and Shirley Strickland of Montrose Colorado as of September 8th 2021.

ABB is rebranding the broadhead as Helix Broadheads www.helixbroadheads.com, and expect to be shipping broadheads out of ABB’s Walnut Creek Ohio location here in November.

America's Best Bowstrings Inc. Acquires Helix Broadheads

Tim Strickland designed the Helix after an ill performing head caused him to lose a 406-inch bull elk. The elk was killed a couple weeks after Tim had shot him and was grazing when the other hunter killed him.

Tim set out to make the best flying, best penetrating broadhead on the market and was soon selling the Helix to many grateful bowhunters around the globe.

“I was tipped off that the Strickland’s were potentially interested in selling Helix by a good friend within the archery industry and so I reached out to Tim,” said Jerry Mullet President and CEO of ABB.

“After having a lengthy discussion with Tim, I purchased some broadheads to try out and was very impressed with the product from the get-go. The impressive thing about the Helix is the single bevel design which assists the vanes in ensuring phenomenal arrow flight making the arrow deadly accurate, the unique shape of the head which creates lift capability at long ranges, and the continuing rotation of the broadhead through animals which results in super quick kills.”

“After shooting several whitetails in a few states already this season and seeing the results from our team members and friends, I am convinced that the Helix is the most accurate and most lethal broadhead on the market today! All but one of the many animals already taken this year by ABB team members have gone down within sight! The Helix is a super lethal, two blade, cut on contact broadhead. You will measure your recovery in seconds…. not in how long the blood trail was” says Jerry.

America's Best Bowstrings Inc. Acquires Helix Broadheads
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