Harvest Home Films to Produce First Ever, Pro Hunting, Faith Based Motion Picture

By Courtney HovenJuly 21, 20201 Comment

Denver, CO – Harvest Home Films LLC is proud to announce the production of The Harvest, a film that addresses relevant Christian themes through a celebration of the outdoor way of life while promoting a respect for the land, water and the great past time of hunting. 

The Harvest celebrates God, celebrates family and celebrates the outdoors.

Coming from the same producers of “I Can Only Imagine” and the “Lion Witch and the Wardrobe”, The Harvest promises to be the first ever pro-hunting film celebrating the lifestyle and educating Americans about the beauty and importance of the outdoor way of life.

Set in the small rural community of Marble Falls, Texas, The Harvest follows the personal and professional challenges of the McLean family, as they navigate a move to New York City when the father, Dave, unexpectedly has a once in a lifetime career opportunity fall in his lap.

A professional hunter with a national TV show, Dave actively participates in the hunting lifestyle with his high school aged daughter and son. Judy, the mother, hunts occasionally and fully supports the lifestyle.

Rooted in a strong Christian faith, the family finds their faith and lifestyle powerfully tested by strong anti-hunter views and other stresses brought about by this major move. A move that has brought these issues literally to the Mclean family doorstep.

Harvest Home Films has brought together the most comprehensive team from the outdoor industry, motion picture industry and Christian space who have developed every detail of this project with the experience necessary to produce and distribute a successful film.

The goal of The Harvest is to unite not only the hunting community including individual hunters, but also educate non-hunters on why hunting is about much more than just harvesting animals.

“Be it in a boardroom, at an industry convention or around a campfire, we have been discussing our declining numbers for years and wondered aloud, ‘what can we do’? We feel an answer is in the works: The Harvest film” said Mark Geist, a Producer on the project.

“We have many heroes in our industry fighting to save the hunting tradition, but we have completely left one important front exposed: educating the hunting agnostic as to our way of life. This is a critical aspect of turning our numbers around and The Harvest will take on that battle”.

A survey conducted by the producers of the film received 13,000 completed surveys from the hunting community and found that an astounding 70% of hunters believe that everyone in the industry should come together to make this film.

97% believe that it is important to ensure the future of hunting. The survey also found the 67% of those surveyed would have a more favorable view of those involved in supporting this film.

The film will also forge a new alliance between leading organizations and the individuals in the industry.

The project strives to bring the individual hunter, and leading outdoor manufacturers and organizations together to collectively educate millions of Americans as to the beauty of the hunting heritage, and the need for this way of life in this country now more than ever.

Harvest Home Films To Produce First Ever, Pro Hunting, Faith Based Motion Picture

If you are interested in learning more about the project and how you can get involved, please visit www.theharvestmovie.com or contact us at [email protected].

About The Harvest Movie:

The Harvest is a film with contemporary characters addressing relevant Christian themes through a celebration of the outdoor lifestyle.

Join us as we strive to be stewards of the land and water and respect our resources while enriching lives through our faith. Learn more about The Harvest at www.theharvestmovie.com

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