New 26MP Stealth Cam G45NGMAX

By Bow StaffFebruary 11, 2019

The folks over at Stealth Cam know the biggest game animals come out at night. They’ve been working hard over the last few years to continually make advances in their night imaging technology. It started a few years ago with the G42NG that was designed with 42 “Black” IR emitters for superior low light performance. Then last year, they came out with the G45NGX and the XV4 camera’s that were both made with advanced low-light technology. They’ve made high quality trail camera’s their priority, that’s why the company developed the new G45NGMAX—a trail camera that has no match in capturing high quality stills and video!

The G45NGMAX advantage starts with Stealth Cam’s next-generation, high-resolution night imaging technology, which produces 26MP photos to capture crisp still images across the camera’s 100-foot flash range. This exceptional imaging comes courtesy of 45 NO-GLO IR emitters combined with integrated Retina™ Low Light sensitivity, Matrix™ Advanced Blur Reduction and the super-fast 0.45-second Reflex™ Trigger system technology. All of these attributes help deliver the most reliable nighttime performance to ensure the big bucks are captured on camera.


In addition to its unrivaled nighttime operation, the G45NGMAX offers diverse setting customization to achieve the best imaging and video results regardless of the terrain or site layout. Utilizing an intuitive menu and easy-to-see backlit LED programming interface, the G45NGMAX allows the user to set numerous still and video capture parameters. Setting options include HD video recording from 5 to 180 seconds, a burst mode that can take from one to nine stills per trigger event, and precise recovery time-out that covers 3-59 seconds or 1-59 minutes. Data logging features time and date, moon phases, temperature, and GPS meta-tagging provide essential information for documenting game activity and planning future hunts.

Other attractive features of the G45NGMAX include a card slot compatible with SD cards up to 512GB, Secure Lock password protection to prevent tampering and minimize theft, an external jack to accept power via a 12V battery, adjustable PIR range control to match environmental conditions, and 1080P video with H264 compression for faster upload to external platforms.

Stealth Cam G45NGMAX Features:

  • 26 MP
  • Hi-Res Next Gen night imaging delivers crisp night images
  • 45 No-Glo IR Emitters
  • Smart Illumination Technology
  • 1080P Video (H264 Compression)
  • Reflex™ Trigger < 0.45seconds
  • Matrix ™ Advanced Blur Reduction & Retina™ Low Light sensitivity
  • Burst Mode 1-9 images per triggering; Adjustable intervals 1,2,3,4,5 seconds
  • 3-59 sec / 1- 59 min recovery time out
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