Display Your Prey With Hangemz


Display your prey!

Looking for a great gift idea that’ll make a statement about your love for hunting and the outdoors? The all new Hangemz skull hangers are the perfect solution for adding your own flavor to your truck, office, man cave, backpack, Christmas tree or anywhere else. It’s a simple and easy decor solution with plenty of possibilities.

Hangemz are scaled with detailed skull and antler replication. The detail is impressive, to say the least. These miniature skulls are made with a poly-resin composite material that looks like the real  thing.

They feature an elastic hanging cord that allows you to attach it or hang it anywhere you care to display this unique trophy.  It’s durable and lightweight, so it can handle more than you might imagine a small ornament could.

They’re priced at just $14.99 and are available in whitetail deer, mule deer, hog, duck, gator and a bull.

Check them out at www.cancooker.com.


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