Hunt Cool, Quiet, and Dry During the Early Season

Muskegon, MI (June 6, 2018) – Early season bow hunters face unique weather-related challenges. Hunting in the heat can be uncomfortable, but it can also make it a lot more difficult. Sweating it out on stand, you see, speeds the growth of smelly bacteria that can give away a hunter’s position. Regular afternoon rains can range from light sprinkles to soaking downpours, and an abundance of insects can add to the discomfort.


Thankfully, the die-hard bow hunters at ScentLok not only understand these special early season challenges, but they’ve been engineering innovative and practical solutions to them for over 25 years now. And for 2018, they’re proud to introduce the most effective early season bow hunting apparel ever conceived: the ScentLok Savanna Reign Jacket and Pant.

Field-proven whitetail-defying scent control lies at the heart of the design of every ScentLok hunting garment, and the new Savanna Reign is no exception. Built around top-performing ScentLok Carbon Alloy™ technology, Savanna Reign combines activated carbon with zeolite and treated carbon to help adsorb a larger spectrum of odors while targeting specific odors better than ever before.


The hunt shouldn’t have to end just because it starts raining. Savanna Reign provides premium protection from precipitation with NeverWet®, a superhydrophobic treatment developed in partnership with Rust-Oleum®. Unlike temporary DWR treatments that wash away relatively quickly, this permanent fabric treatment sheds massive amounts of rain, mud and other liquids hunt after hunt, allowing hunters to remain dry and comfortable when the skies open up. Best of all, Savanna Reign with NeverWet® doesn’t sacrifice dryness for stealth. It keeps bow hunters dry without the use of stiff and noisy membranes, so they can stalk, climb and draw their bows in total silence.


Aside from their unique abilities to keep hunters dry and effectively control their odors, the Savanna Reign Jacket and Pant are built with a lightweight design for breathable early season comfort and performance. Featuring a smooth, polyester interlock fabric and a wicking-treated lining for moisture management, Savanna Reign can be worn with or without a base layer for enhanced early season versatility.

Offering a hooded design with an integrated facemask, the Savanna Reign Jacket delivers full-coverage protection for maximum scent control, as well as welcomed protection against pesky insects. It also features an easy access safety harness opening, a pair of zippered waist pockets and a zippered chest pocket. Thin spandex cuffs provide a tidy tapered fit that facilitates an unencumbered draw and won’t interfere with a bow hunter’s release aid.

The versatile Savanna Reign Pant provides fast access to essential items via a flexible six-pocket design.  A unique, non-slip waistbelt features an integrated webbing belt with a fast-adjusting buckle for a secure and comfortable fit. Leg zippers extend a full 20 inches up the outside of each pant leg for easy dressing over boots.


The new Savanna Reign Jacket and Pant offer exceptional concealment courtesy of DuoTone accents that overlay darker, contrasting camo accent panels over standard camo patterns in key locations. Catering to the personal preferences and needs of any hunter, Savanna Reign Jackets and Pants are available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Realtree Edge, Mossy Oak Bottomlands, Realtree Max-1, True Timber Strata and True Timber Kanati. The jacket is also available in black.

Built to overcome every challenge of the early season in comfort and silence, the all-new ScentLok Savanna Reign Jacket and Pant are the most advanced early season hunting apparel ever made. Find it now. Learn more at

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