Prime Archery Shooters Take Two Top Spots at Lancaster Classic

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Paul Benton

Memphis, Michigan —Prime Archery®, by G5® Outdoors—the leading manufacturer of premium technologically advanced archery equipment and bows, is proud to report that Prime Archery Pro Staff members took home two first place awards at the Lancaster Classic this past weekend.  Benton Christensen won the Master’s Open Pro division and Paul Tedford won the Men’s Open Pro division.

Christensen, who is from Preston, Idaho qualified in second place and worked his way up to the top seed going into the finals.  With his Prime Centergy X1 39 in hand, Benton took the championship match down to the final arrow in a shoot off and despite both archers scoring the same score of an 11, Benton placed his arrow closer to the center than his competitor, yielding him the win.

“There is no doubt about it, I was nervous during the shoot off,” chuckled Christensen.  “I didn’t think my final shot was in the X, so when I heard the result I was surprised.”

Benton is no stranger to success at the Lancaster Classic as he finished second the last two years and was the 2017 NFAA Indoor National Champion.  “Benton is a true professional and dedicated archer,” stated Tim Checkeroski, Pro Staff Manager at G5 Outdoors/Prime.  “He recently underwent back surgery and has been focused on his shooting, even bringing his X1 with him on a hog hunt with his daughters so he could practice when he was not hunting.”

Paul Tedford of Great Falls, MT, just came off a Bronze Medal win at the third stage of the World Archery Indoor World Cup Series in Nimes, France, so it is no surprise that Tedford and his Prime Centergy X1 36 would be in the running in Lancaster.

Tedford qualified in eighth place and worked his way up to the third seed going into the finals.  As always, the stiff competition at the Lancaster Classic forced Tedford to shoot through three rounds to get into the first place shoot off.

“The center grip technology really helps me keep the pin still on target, unlike any other bow I’ve competed with the in past,” said Paul.  “I really enjoy competing with the X1 and am looking forward to the rest of the season.”

If you are looking to take your competition shooting to the next level, check out the X1 series of Prime compound bows. Designed as a premium competition bow and available in 36” and 39” axle to axle options, the X1 bows feature the superior performance of a true center-grip bow with tunability that is unmatched.

“Paul is a perfect example of how hard work really pays off in the end,” stated Tim Checkeroski, Pro Staff Manager at G5 Outdoors/Prime.  “I can’t think of a single archer who puts in as much time training as he does.”

Prime Bows are proudly made in America, by Americans. Designed by diehard hunters and dedicated archers, Prime’s high-quality standards continually increase with a perpetual dedication to be the leaders of technological advancements in the archery world

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To learn more about the new Prime Centergy or any other Prime products, contact Glenn Walker at [email protected], visit or call (866) 456-8836.

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