New Archer Xtreme RAK Series Bow Sights

By developerFebruary 16, 2016

When you hunt, you take it to the extreme. Early mornings, long motionless waits, still hunts, wind, rain, snow — not even Mother Nature can keep you from filling a tag. The ultimate predator, committed to going one on one with a mature trophy game animal and pulling out all of the stops, giving every once of yourself to the hunt. Whether you take your hunting to this Xtreme or simply want the best, you’ll want to see the target behind Archer Xtreme’s RAK 1000 or RAK 4000 sight.

Archer Xtreme RAK 4000
Archer Xtreme’s RAK 1000 and 4000 feature AXTs exclusive, patent pending FAST/RAK Detach System. The FAST/RAK Detach bar features a 5.6” RACK bar with dovetail mount, which ensures the sight housing will match the peep perfectly. This creates a tunnel effect that shows the slightest misalignment or torque before the shot to greatly enhance accuracy during critical shots where the terrain is uneven or the bowhunter is shooting from an elevated system. However, the RAK’s dovetail mount does much more.

By incorporating a dovetail mount, the RAK can be easily attached or detached. The laser-etched marks on the 5.6-inch sight bar ensure you’ll quickly and accurately reattach your sight with micro-adjustable accuracy. This is invaluable to the travelling bowhunter. When packing, you can detach the sight and pack it separately to protect it, then confidently reattach it to the exact spot thanks to the micro adjustment.

Whether you are headed out for the steepest backcountry sheep hunt or the local archery range, having the ability to adjust the 2nd and 3rd axis is the only way to ensure your sight’s level will read true when the ground slopes to the right or left, or when shooting at an up or down angle. Archer Xtreme’s RAK not only has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment, the RAK has it as close to the pin as possible for unparalleled accuracy. Speaking of accuracy, accuracy starts when you set up the sight and adjust it at the range. The RAK incorporates AXT’s EDGE Gear Drive for quick, accurate, repeatable adjustments on the range and in the field. The three-pronged gear drive is easy to use and offers micro adjustability for both windage and elevation.

The heart of any bowsight is the sighting system, and this where the RAK 1000 and RAK 4000 part company. The RAK 1000 utilizes a single pin where the RAK 4000 has four pins for bowhunters. Using a single pin, the hunter can make quick adjustments with the stainless steel indicator pin and lock. Bowhunters preferring multiple pins will enjoy the RAK 4000.

The .019-inch micro pins provide a fine aim point that is easy to see on most any lighting condition thanks to the ample amount of fiber optic cable powering each pin. If you find yourself in a situation where that isn’t quite enough you can artificially power the pins with the included Micro LED light. And speaking of fiber optic, Archer Xtreme’s Core Pin Technology runs the fiber optic through the pin, not behind it. This adds strength—and the security of knowing your pin will still be intact after climbing through brush in the backcountry.

Archer Xtreme RAK 1000

The RAK 1000 also includes a 1 7/8-inch 2x power HD Hunter lens for long-distance accuracy. The HD lens system includes an all-metal locking lens that makes attaching and securing the lens a snap. The RAK 1000 and RAK 4000 are easily converted to accommodate right- or left-handed bows.

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