Celebrating 100 Years of the James Jordan Buck

By Hunting NetworkJuly 31, 2014

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

This year will mark the 100th anniversary of the former world record James Jordan buck. The legendary buck was taken by Jordan outside of Danbury, Wisconsin in late November of 1914. Although it wasn’t until 43 years later that Jordan would set his hands on the deer again.

According to the legendary story, Jordan took the great buck to a local taxidermist not long after recovering it. Months later, Jordan would go to retrieve his trophy only to discover the taxidermist had moved away, leaving no forwarding address or his buck behind.

It wasn’t until 1958 when an obscure relative of Jordan’s would stumble upon the great deer again, this time at a yard sale where it was purchased for just three dollars.

In 1971, Jordan would have the mount officially scored at an incredible 206 1/8 inches net. The giant 5×5 buck was so symmetrical that it had less than four inches of deductions between its left and right sides. Instantly it became the world record buck and perhaps one of the most celebrated deer in history. However, Jordan was not given credit for the taking of the deer until two months after his death in 1978.

To honor and celebrate the amazing story of the James Jordan buck, the county of Burnett in northern Wisconsin (where the hunt occurred), along with the towns of Danbury, Siren, and Forts Folle Avoine will hold a centennial party for the former world record.

At the heart of the celebration there will be a self-guided walking tour so named the “Jordan Buck Heritage Hike”. The hike will take visitors 1.3 miles down the Gandy Dancer Trail, south of the town of Danbury. There, they will walk alongside the picturesque Yellow River, where the Jordan hunt took place.

There is also talk of public participation in creating a small art display at the Gandy Dancer Trail trailhead in Danbury to help commemorate the Jordan hunt for many years to come. Some of the future artwork may include iron works or even a bronze statue. “That way people will know something happened here”, says community development agent, Mike Kornmann.

Whitetails Unlimited – Burnett County Chapter President Don Chell, has also offered to help with the celebration. Adding the idea of raffling off the same weapon Jordan used on his fateful hunt – a Winchester .25-20 rifle.

Community leaders are also thinking about gathering support from the local citizens to rename the highway 35 bridge over the Yellow River just south of Danbury as the “Jordan Buck Bridge”. The bridge sits just quarter-mile upstream of where the Jordan Buck was taken. However, legislative action would first be required.

james jordan buck

A replica of the James Jordan Buck will be made available for viewing and picture taking.

Open free to the public, The Jordan Buck Community Celebration will be held September 27 at Forts Folle Avoine in conjunction with the Siren Harvestfest. The Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club is set to have a replica Jordan Buck shoulder mount available for photographing.

The Northwoods Crossing Event Center in Siren, Wisconsin will be the host the Jordan Buck Centennial Extravaganza during the first weekend of October.

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