Carbon Express Releases Launchpad Precision Lighted Nocks

By Hunting NetworkDecember 27, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

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Carbon Express

Flushing, Michigan – Carbon Express® engineers have been studying how to make arrows shoot better for many years, and the Launchpad™ is the latest breakthrough. Although nocks are small, choosing the right one can yield BIG results. Top shooters know the importance of nocks for consistent, tight arrow groups – and the Launchpad™ is the first performance lighted nock that brings you accuracy and performance while enhancing your ability to see your shot. The Launchpad™ brings to lighted nocks the same highly engineered, performance nock design you’ve come to expect from Carbon Express® arrows.

The Launchpad™ story: Carbon Express® engineers worked with pro shooters and top hunters to design the ultimate nock. The design includes:
• Precise Contact Points that provide controlled arrow release for more precision and consistency
• Precision aligned, straight nock barrel – manufactured with four-axis consistency and straightness within .001″ to keep each nock perfectly straight
• Concentric design – perfectly centered nock design that provides more consistent centering in the arrow shaft and better shooting performance
The resulting Launchpad™ Precision Nock now comes standard on most Carbon Express® arrows and delivers superior shooting results.
The Launchpad™ Precision Lighted Nock takes hunting to a whole new level. You’ve never experienced tracking, line of sight and arrow retrieval like this because the Launchpad™ Precision Lighted Nock is built to the same exacting performance specs as Launchpad™ Precision Nock and also incorporates superior lighting design. And using a lighted nock has never been easier – installing and removing it is a breeze, it’s release activated, and it’s adjustable so you can use it to Shoot Better™ no matter what arrow you are using.
Launchpad™ Precision Lighted Nock features include:
• Ultra-light – only 18.5 grains – for maximum speed and flat trajectory
• High Visibility LED available in multiple colors
• Long Life Battery
• Reliable, easy to use design
• Release activated
• Easy on/off
• Fully adjustable

Launchpad™ fits all Carbon Express® carbon hunting arrows and most non-Carbon Express® branded “standard sized” carbon hunting arrows with internal arrow shaft diameter .243″ to .245″. Available in red, blue, green and pink.
From launch to impact, Carbon Express® helps archers Shoot Better™ in the field and on the range.
Carbon Express® Launchpad is also available for crossbow bolts! Engineered to improve crossbolt performance with a lightweight yet durable design, high-visibility LED and long-lasting battery life. And since Launchpad™ is fully adjustable, it can provide a custom precision fit on virtually any brand of crossbolt.

Launchpad™ Lighted Nock for crossbolts features include:
• Fully adjustable with a near universal performance fit
• Easy on/off design with indexed nock end for added safety
• Durable integrated housing to protect battery and LED during high-speed flight and impact
• High visibility LED in multiple colors, and long-lasting battery life

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