ScentBlocker Introduces Revolutionary New Synthetic Technology No One Smelled Coming

By Hunting NetworkJune 10, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

ScentBlocker Trinity TechnologyCannon Falls, MN — January 7, 2013 — Today, Robinson Outdoor Products, LLC, the maker of ScentBlocker, has announced the introduction of ScentBlocker with new synthetic Trinity™ technology.
Trinity Technology is more than an engineering marvel. It’s a new milestone in human scent control that goes where no hunting apparel has gone before.  Independent laboratory testing shows Trinity Technology is so superior it adsorbs nearly 40% more odor than activated carbon and 200% more odor than zeolite.  Its game-changing properties are so powerful – yet so thin and light –that it takes comfort and performance to a whole new level.

Engineered using a special polymeric resin with huge surface area and fantastic adsorption kinetics, Trinity™ Technology has been more than 10 years in the making. Its properties provide qualities and features unattainable in other scent-adsorption gear. It’s lighter by volume, exhibits stronger attraction for human and organic odors, and lasts longer between regeneration. Testing shows that Trinity even leapfrogs the odor-adsorption capacity of ScentBlocker’s own industry-leading Cold Fusion® activated carbon technology.
“The significance of what this means to a hunter will become obvious,” says Kip Vangsgard, Vice President of Product and Business Development. “When you start with a material that adsorbs more odor, you can achieve impressive scent control performance in lighter garments with less loading. This is where Robinson Outdoor Products innovation shines through on behalf of the hunter. Application of this synthetic polymer on new technical fabrics results in absolutely lighter, more comfortable and more user-friendly scent control hunting clothing than ever before.”
Simply put, Trinity not only outperforms the competition, it exceeds even our own high expectations. This is the power to get you closer.

About Robinson Outdoor Products LLC:
Celebrating 35 years of innovation, Robinson Outdoor Products is a privately held corporation based in Cannon Falls, Minn. As a leader in scent control technologies, hunting apparel, scent control liquids and tree stand safety equipment, their mission is to improve the hunter’s experience by innovation. For more information about Robinson Outdoor Products, call 1-507-263-2885 or visit

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