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GSM OutdoorsGrand Prairie, TX- GSM, a company that delivers the latest in specialized products and technology, designed specifically with the outdoor sportsman in mind takes an aggressive approach for 2013 in rebranding.

For over 12 years GSM has developed innovative products and cultivated industry leading brands to create a portfolio of multiple, individual product categories.  Viewed independently; each brand has a great story to tell.  Combined, they create a powerful force within the outdoor industry – GSM Outdoors.

It is with this in mind that GSM is taking steps to elevate their profile in the industry.  Starting with a new corporate logo.  Designed with an outdoor theme and appeal, the logo is modern, yet powerful.  Over the next several months the new GSM logo will be integrated across all marketing platforms, including their new 2013 catalog, an all-encompassing website, advertising campaigns, packaging and company apparel. 

GSM Outdoors websiteThe new GSM Outdoors website, built by the Rhino Group, features a variety of product information, online shopping, resource downloads and links to social media websites.

With regards to the new catalog; they will be combining all brands into one master GSM Workbook.   This one resource will add up to 80+ pages representing some of the most influential brands in the outdoor industry.  This will prove to be a powerful sales tool for the GSM team as well as a valuable resource for buyers alike.

The new website will house dealer locaters, which will direct consumers straight to the GSM partners’ doorstep. GSM will also support the dealer online by communicating to the consumer the realm of cool, up-to-date outdoor gear represented under the GSM brand through interactive video content and social media integration.

GSM is taking their rebranding efforts to the ultimate level by pushing the envelop with new product innovation within all of their brand categories that will be announced throughout 2013. 

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