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Pig Man & Uncle Ted Take to the Air, Eradicate Texas Hogs

Looking for some outdoor television excitement?  Look no further than Ted “The Motor City Mad Man” Nugent, and the professional hunter affectionately known as Pig Man.  These two characters will be slaying Texas pigs by air on the Sportsman Channel.

PORTSMOUTH, NH – This week on Pig Man: The Series, join host Brian “Pig Man” Quaca as he and boar-busting blood brother Ted Nugent meet up in Texas for an action-packed helicopter hog hunt with Heli Hunter. A bevy of shotguns as well as semi- and fully-automatic rifles come out of their cases as Pig Man and Uncle Ted attempt to “cleanse our good Mother Earth”. Don’t miss a second of this high-octane, hog hunting thrill ride!

Show Concept Leupold’s Pig Man: The Series chronicles the outdoor adventures of Brian “Pig Man” Quaca, a true-blue original and a character at the core, who’s given to a rough and tumble hunting lifestyle aimed at entertaining the masses with a truly unique take on traditional hunting television.   Willing to take a hog by any legal means necessary and at all costs, the endeavors and travels undertaken by Pig Man send him across the world with a determined sense to change the way people look at outdoor film. Although Pig Man’s relentless approach to killing hogs is how he earned his nickname, he’s by no means a one-trick pony. From Midwestern whitetails to Eastern turkeys to giant New Zealand red stag, Pig Man’s passion for any outdoor challenge is evident. 


Pig Man

With two hugely successful seasons under its belt, Leupold’s Pig Man: The Series has earned its place as one of the top shows in outdoor television. Having earned consecutive Telly Awards for outstanding television production and the 2010 Sportsman Channel Host of the Year Award in his rookie season, host and executive producer Brian “Pig Man” Quaca has created a pig phenomena with his unique personality, candidness and passion for the hunt – as well the camaraderie between him and his crew that makes each episode fun and memorable. 

The face of Leupold’s Pig Man: The Series, Brain “Pig Man” Quaca leads the charge for the Pig Man crew with an unrivaled personality full of unpredictability that leaves viewers wanting more. As an experienced riflesmith, excellent marksman and skilled archer, Pig Man has the unique ability to pursue multiple species in various locations with a wide variety of weaponry. Pig Man is no doubt an entertainer to the core and an outdoorsman by heart, which explains why he was chosen as a two-time Sportsman Channel Host of the Year in 2010 and 2011.

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