Iowa Preserve Where CWD Was Found Will ‘De-Populate’

By Hunting NetworkSeptember 30, 2012

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has reached new destructive heights as it’s outbreak on an Iowa hunting preserve is forcing the preserve to “de-populate” it’s elk and deer.

The owner of a high-fence hunting preserve in Davis County, Iowa has agreed to depopulate the facility of all deer and elk within several months, following the state’s first positive detection of chronic wasting disease (CWD) there.

Iowa DNR

The agreement, signed Sept. 7 by Iowa DNR Director Chuck Gipp and the owners of Pine Ridge Hunting Lodge, contains a number of provisions to help contain the potential spreading of CWD.

“We are very pleased with agreement and we want to commend the owners for working with us in taking this important step needed to help contain the spreading of CWD,” said Gipp.

Under terms of the agreement to depopulate the facility, Pine Ridge Hunting Lodge will be able to conduct hunts previously scheduled between Sept. 8 and Dec. 25. However, only antlers attached to a clean skull plate and the animal’s cape will be allowed to leave the facility and only after samples for CWD and DNA have been collected. Pine Ridge is required to provide 12-hour notice to the DNR once any animal has been harvested so that tissue samples can be collected.

Other key components of the agreement include:

-A refrigerated truck will be provided by Pine Ridge to store carcasses of deer until sample results for CWD have been confirmed.

-Pine Ridge will pay for all CWD testing and disposal of animals taken during the planned hunts at its facility.

-A 3-D electric fence shall be installed jointly by Pine Ridge and the DNR on the inside of the existing perimeter boundary fence of the facility with the cost of the electric fence being split evenly. The agreement also provides for repair of any fencing should the need arise.

-A future operational plan for Pine Ridge will be developed in conjunction with the DNR after depopulation is complete.

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