Medal Winning Arrow Shaft Technology – Now for Bowhunting

By Hunting NetworkMay 23, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Easton arrow shootersEaston Technical Products®, the industry leader in innovative arrows and archery equipment, introduces ultra-micro Injexion arrows which utilize many of the same design characteristics as the X10 arrow – the shaft that many Olympic archers will be shooting in the 2012 London Games.

Precision Easton arrows have won every gold medal since 1996, and 152 of 168 total medals since archery returned to the modern games in 1972.

Easton Micro Diameter Arrow Comparison“Olympic archers are shooting X10s out to 70 meters in competition. That distance demands a lot from an arrow, with archers combating variable crosswinds and velocity decay while insisting on pinpoint accuracy. Our target shafts address these challenges, and they have exactly the same benefits needed for a high precision hunting arrow – we’ve brought that technology to the Injexion.” – Ted Palomaki, Easton VP Product Development.


Injexion utilizes Deep Six, a new standard in high performance inserts and points for bowhunting. Until Deep Six, conventional insert systems were too large to allow hunting with micro diameter shafts like those used by world-class target competitors. Micro diameter arrows provide archers more kinetic energy downrange and extreme crosswind resistance – and now this same performance level is available in shafts designed specifically for hunting.

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