Mathews Adds New Color Options for Jewel and Helim Bows

By Hunting NetworkApril 16, 2012

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

Expanding on their already robust color options, Mathews has introduced two new choices for the popular Jewel and Helim bows.  These new options allow archers to further customize the look of their bows to match their personality and hunting style.

The new Helim Lost Camo Kit further enhances the look of this great new bow by offering both the Dead End String Stop Lite and Reverse Assist Lite in Lost Camo.  This, of course, is in addition to the black option previously available.  For those Helim owners who already purchased a bow this year, you can upgrade to the Lost Camo Kit simply by visiting your local Mathews retailer.  The cost for the upgrade is a very affordable $5.

Mathews Helim Reverse Assist Roller Guard in Lost Camo
The Reverse Assist Roller Guard shown with Lost Camo Kit on the new Mathews Helim.

Mathews Jewel Tactical BowFor the female hunters who are already excited about the Jewel bow, there is a new color option there as well.  The Jewel is now available in the Tactical finish with comes standard with carbon fiber limb graphics, black riser, Focus grip, phantom Gray accents and a Platinum colored jewel inset into the riser.  This new option is in addition to the other color choices including Lost Camo, Pink, Teal and Black.

To learn more about the great color offerings from Mathews you can visit their online bow visualizer by clicking this link here, or by visiting your local Mathews retailer.

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