NEW Steiner 7×30 Commander XP Binoculars

By Hunting NetworkFebruary 23, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Big Things Come in Small Packages – New Steiner 7×30 Commander XP Binoculars

GREELEY, Colo. — Steiner Commander binoculars have long been the benchmark for the world’s best marine binoculars. Steiner, the world leader in marine optics, now offers this world-class optic in a more compact model, the new 7×30 Commander XP. Steiner has bundled all the technology and performance of the 7×50 Commander XP into a compact-sized binocular that is available with or without an integral compass.

Weighing in at just 20 oz., the new, tough-as-nails 7×30 Commander XPs is packed full of features. Like its larger counterpart, the new 7×30 offers the innovative Steiner XP optics that provide the highest levels of daytime haze-cutting contrast and nighttime performance. They also feature Steiner’s NANO lens coating that repels water and moisture from the lenses, leaving them crystal clear for viewing, even in the wettest situations. The 7×30 Commander XP also has a generous field of view of 392 feet @ 1,000 yards.

“The Commander has always been one of Steiner’s most popular marine binoculars,” stated Rob Siemers, general manager. “Now we can offer this spectacular binocular in a more compact model, making it the ideal binocular for cruising, sailing, sport fishing or recreational boating.”

The 7×30 Commander XP with Compass is equipped with a ranging reticle, and it’s also illuminated for convenient nighttime navigation. Each Commander XP is hand-built to be mil-spec waterproof and shock resistant. The NBR rubber coating is tough and withstands the punishing elements of UV rays, chemicals and saltwater. Each comes with a standard binocular strap as well as an orange flotation strap.

This new compact marine binocular will be available at retailers nationwide this spring.  Suggested retail price for the 7×30 Commander XP is $549, and the 7×30 Commander XP with compass is $699. Both come with the Steiner 30-Year Limited Warranty.

Headquartered in Germany, Steiner has been widely acknowledged as a world leader in the manufacturing of high quality optics since 1947. In addition to the outdoor, hunting and marine markets, Steiner provides products to military and law enforcement worldwide. Allied forces around the world—including the U.S. Army and countless law enforcement agencies—have made Steiner their binocular of choice.

steiner 7x30 binos

Steiner 7×30 Commander XP Technical Specifications:

Product         Item No.         Weight           Field of View       

7×30              296                  18.2 oz            392 ft.                                        
7×30 C            396                  19.6 oz.           392 ft.

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