Get invisble – Get Tink’s.

Get invisble – Get Tink’s.

Tink’s B-Tech line of products ranks #1 over other leading brands in independent lab testing for eliminating bacterial human odor on contact.  B-Tech stands for Byotrol Technology, which has been proven to target and destroy the odors that instinctively spook deer and other game animals.

Tink’s B-Tech odor elimination system also leaves a microscopic polymer barrier of protection that inhibits new odors from adhering to your clothes or body giving you all-day odor protection. 

tinks product lineup

Products include B-Tech Odor Eliminator Sprays, B-Tech Hair & Body Soap and B-Tech Laundry Detergent, which are all designed to get rid of deer-spooking odor.

This is science at work. Not guess work. No hype, just science! For more info, check out, or contact Terry Rohm at or 1-800-624-5988.

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