Meet TV Celebs and Learn More About the PlotWatcher Pro at ATA

Meet TV Celebs and Learn More About the PlotWatcher Pro

Stop by Day 6 Outdoors booth #1905 during the 2011 ATA show in Columbus, Ohio, to talk with TV celebrities and see first-hand the wonders of the PlotWatcher Pro.

Meet the hosts of Deer and Deer Hunting on Jan. 10 at 11am, North American Whitetail on Jan. 11 at 11am, The Chase on Jan. 11 at 2pm and Hunt Masters on Jan. 12 at 11am.

For years the big question has been “Where do I hunt today?” That’s no longer the case and industry leaders have taken notice. The people at Day 6 have eliminated the guessing game for hunters that invest in a PlotWatcher Pro.


plotwatcher pro

With 20 times the battery life and a 2.5″ LCD for on-board camera set-up, video aiming and camera status messages, the PlotWatcher Pro will put you that much closer to harvesting your trophy. The PlotWatcher Pro allows you to be in more than one place at a time. Set it up at a favorite hunting local and the time-lapse video technology will record high-definition images, taking a picture every 5 or 10 seconds and saving these individual pictures as an HD video. So whether the animal is 30 feet away or 330 feet away, you’ll see it on the video.

The PlotWatcher Pro also accepts add-on zoom lenses, uses an SD card storage, features temperature and moon-phase info on each image, is security cable ready and saves video files in 1/2 of the memory space while defining time-of-day for video start and stop. The GameFinder video player software included allows you to watch an entire 12-hour day’s worth of video in just a few minutes.

To learn more or to purchase a PlotWatcher click here.


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