Wildlife Research Center Introduces New Coyote Juice Attractant

By Hunting NetworkNovember 10, 2011

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Calling Coyotes?

Make it Real with Wildlife Research Center® Introduces New Coyote Juice™ – A Coyote Calling Scent

No one understands the comprehensive sense of smell that animals have better than Wildlife Research Center®, the company that is totally focused on scent and human scent elimination.  Wildlife® does one thing and does it well.  In their 29th year of business, Wildlife Research Center® continues to introduce new and innovative products to improve your hunting success and now brings you a deadly predator attractor scent called Coyote Juice™ – a long-range coyote calling scent.

coyote juice

Coyotes will commonly circle around to approach the distress sounds of a calling set-up from downwind, just like when closing in on prey.  They want to use their sense of smell to confirm the situation they are approaching.

Coyote Juice™ makes it real. It’s a strong, long range scent that really gets coyotes excited.  It appeals to their territorial, curiosity, and most importantly when calling, their hunting instincts.  It will help make your calling set-ups far more attractive to coyotes in the area.

Apply Coyote Juice™ liberally to wicks and then place them in positions nearby prior to calling.  For remote set-ups, place Coyote Juice™ near the call or decoy.  When the coyote responds to your calling and starts to circle downwind to scent check, he catches the strong long-range scent of Coyote Juice™.  When the smell reinforces the call, he should be ready to come in for the kill!

MSRP for Coyote Juice™ – 8 oz. Squeeze Bottle – $12.99.

All Wildlife Research Center® products are 100% Money-Back Guaranteed – direct by Wildlife Research Center®!!

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