The Big Bucks of 2011 – Before November

By Hunting NetworkOctober 30, 2011

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

If there’s one thing we never get tired of looking at its BIG antlers. After all, that’s what makes whitetail hunting so unique. These mega deer frequent nearly every state in the U.S., reaching as far north as Canada and south through Mexico. From each region comes a new flavor of big buck lore to drool over.

ronnie stevens buck

Ohio bowhunter Ronnie Stevens was driving home after his kid’s volleyball practice early in October when he witnessed this Columbus bruiser standing in a bean field. Ronnie wasted no time seeking permission from an area landowner. One week later he was sitting behind this 11-point typical which grossed 196 inches! Waiting the official 60-day drying period, this buck could rank among the top16 Boone and Crockett typicals of all-time.

missouri double drop main beam

On opening day of the 2011 Missouri archery season, hunters across the state got their hearts broken when Keven Jaegers ended a two year quest to take this 18-point non-typical buck from the state’s herd. Keven ignored the wind, listened to his gut, and took the deer at twenty yards while hunting a wooded trail leading from a bedding area to a beanfield. The four year old whitetail would gross more than 201 total inches.

kentucky drop tines buck

Although the name of this lucky hunter has not been released just yet, what we do know is which state this buck hails from. With an inside spread of 21 inches, 27 inch main beams, and 15 scorable points, this Owen County, Kentucky buck is sure to make this hunter’s wall of fame. The buck is reported to gross more than 196 inches.

While hunting his 67-acre parcel located in famed Buffalo County, Wisconsin, bowhunter Troy Muche dropped this awesome 187 inch monster. Troy had been chasing the buck since 2008 when the buck didn’t yet sport the “flyer” fork that he would eventually become locally known for. On the third evening of the archery season Troy hunted over a small watering hole that sat on his property. A few hours later “Flyer” made his last living appearance. The six year old buck fell just 75 yards later.

chris evans lousiana buck

Someone forgot to tell hunter Chris Evans that Louisiana is not a big buck state. Utilizing trailcameras to locate this 170-class whitetail, Chris was able to down the buck on October 7th following a 20 yard shot. The awesome 15-pointer should rank in the top five typicals all-time for The Pelican State.

With sweet sweet November closing in fast, now is the time to be in a tree.

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