Fantasy Hunting League – Would you Play

Fantasy sports have become big business over the course of the last several years and for good reason, as they allow the average joe to become a greater part of the competition. But what would you say if I told you a website exists where patrons can now pick a fantasy hunting team as well? Although your first reaction might resemble that of discouraged nature, curiosity is certain to follow.

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The Fantasy Hunting league (FHL) presented by 2 Track Outdoors, LLC is the first and only website to exclusively follow the seasons of the top professional hunters in North America. Registered users simply choose from two different versions of the league. A free version allows you to compete for a chance to win from a selection of prizes totaling $2,000. A registered user can also submit a onetime fee of $19.99 for a chance to be awarded from over $60,000 in cash and prizes.

Registered users simply select a team of five professional hunters to follow throughout the hunting season. When hunters harvest animals, registered users score points that can ultimately lead to prizes. Both versions of the league provide users with a statistics area that outlines your standing in the league, bankroll, points earned, level, and earned den items. Den items are fake (typically hunting gear) items which feature many of the FHL sponsors. They’re basically like UPC codes you find on a boxed food product like Cheerios. Show off the UPC code so your buddies believe that you really ate a box of Cheerios. They hold no value in the outside world.

Each registered user is given a bankroll based on the version of the league they are participating in, while each professional hunter is given a purse value that is determined by their available tags and the difficulty level of each tag to be filled. A user’s overall rank is compared to other users registered in that particular version of the league.

Here at Bowhunting.Com we’re greatly interested in your thoughts on a fantasy hunting league. Would you be interested in participating in such a competition? Would you pay money to enter?

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