ScoutLook Weather Announces iPhone and Android based Apps

ScoutLookWeather  is pleased to announce availability of iPhone and Android based apps! Since we first launched our service almost a year ago, overwhelming feedback asked us “when can I get this for my smart phone?” Finally, that day has arrived — and we think you’ll like what you see!

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The revolutionary ScoutLook app was truly designed with the hunter in mind. We even created ScoutMarXSM, a GPS marking tool while afield for blood trails, scrapes, rubs, wallows, camp, and more. Of course, we also include tools you already know and information you demand:

•    ScentConeSM to plot your tree stand or hunting spots affected by wind•    SetZoneSM for water fowlers trying to locate the best decoy set up according to wind direction and speed.•    Solunar times and Tide data for any saved location within 5 Miles of the coast•    Radar map so you know when to get into, and out of the woods or water.•    Current, hourly, 72 hour, and 7 day forecasts.

The ScoutLook app works with your PC account, and will synchronize all locations in both directions — it’s that simple! Log in on your smart phone app, and it opens to a Google map with your current location… your adventure, hunt, or scouting begins there!

Good luck this season and thanks for your support!

The ScoutLook Weather Team

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