Montana to Open a Wolf Archery Season

By Hunting NetworkAugust 8, 2011

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

For a howling good time this autumn, archery hunters may want to book the trip of a lifetime to Montana’s ‘Big Sky’ country. Your quarry when you get there – the wolf.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission has approved an archery wolf hunting season beginning September 3rd that will include 14 different management units with a total harvest quota of 220 animals. While there is no official season ending date, officials believe some areas could still be open as late as December 31st if quotas are not reached.

montana wolf in field

Archery wolf season will open in Montana on September 3rd.

With 108 documented packs and 35 breeding pairs, Montana’s wolf population is estimated at a minimum of 566 animals. License sales to hunt these wolves are $19 for residents and $350 for non-residents. The FWP encourages all hunters to read and understand the new wolf hunting regulations for any areas they plan to hunt.

This is not the first Montana wolf hunt. In 2009, there were 72 animals taken by hunters, three shy of the quota that year. In 2010, a challenge in court lead by anti-hunting groups kept the wolf hunt from taking place again. That decision was over-ruled in 2011 when the U.S. Congress passed measures eliminating wolves from the endangered species list in several states (including Montana) and was recently upheld in federal court this past May.

If you or anyone you know is heading to Montana this year in search of these remarkable canines (and actually tags one), let us know. Drop us a photo on our Facebook page. Good luck!

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