A Squirrel – Shed Antler Mount You Won’t Soon Forget

During a routine shed hunt that took place in the spring of 2008, whitetail enthusiast and Illinois native Rick Galvin picked up a pair of bone that he won’t soon forget. Looking for a way to display one of his favorite finds he contacted his longtime taxidermist, pitching a unique idea. Weeks later, and all for the discounted price of $65.00, Rick loved the result and we think you will too.

squirrel on shed mount 1

Rick says of the mount, “I wanted a way to display some big sheds that got chewed up (by squirrels), and this seemed like a good idea. It took about three years to finally get it done. Although I sat on the idea for most of that time – it only took a couple weeks for the mount to be finished.”

squirrel on shed mount 2

Rick’s idea was to display these two antlers “as they lay”.

The mount is displayed in what shed hunters often call an “as it lay” pose. Situated upon a barn-wood box covered with native tree leaves and twigs, the match set sits tines-up for any willing shed hunter to notice. Rick, who spends an average of twenty hours a week from January through April in search of shed antlers, thought the display should reflect his passion for hunting these spring-time treasures.

squirrel shed mount 3

“These two antlers were laying four feet apart when I found them”, continues Rick. “The left side five-point measures 71 inches while the right side is only a four measuring 70 inches. The buck had a small frame – but good mass and long tines”.

The staff at the Hunting Network loves the idea behind this very unique mount and wishes Rick the best of luck this deer and shed season. If you have or know of any unique animal mounts drop us a line on our Facebook page. Even if they’re not unique – we love to drool over good taxidermy.

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