It’s May – Velvet Bucks Showing Early Stages of Antler Growth

It’s mid-May and whitetail hunters across the country are just beginning to feel that ever-present itch to get out, stretch their legs, fling some arrows, and wonder which buck made it through the cruel winter months.

The Hunting Network staff cannot think of a better way to ease these urgings than a quick trot into our favorite neck-of-woods and the cool, crisp sound of strapping trailcam to bark!

Below you will find a couple concocters of this early hunter mischief.  Rather than dreaming of what may be, two Bowhunting.Com forum members from two different states had the assertion to learn what is.

The whitetail buck, it seems, is establishing its head-gear in the form of velvet antler. Let the games begin!

Pat Howard (gutone4me) captured these velvet totting bucks as they visited several of his Monster Raxx mineral licks in Monroe County, Wisconsin.

trailcam buck in velvet

A Wisconsin whitetail visits one of several mineral sites loaded with Monster Raxx.

buck in velvet

raxx maxx near site

One of Bowhunting.Com forum member, Pat Howard’s, many Monster Raxx mineral sites that clearly see A LOT of traffic!

Darren Thomas (hoytuser) had these pictures captured over a mineral lick in Mower County, Minnesota.

pair of velvet bucks

A couple of good looking Minnesota bucks!

one buck at mineral site in velvet

This buck visited the same site on several occasions. Hopefully Darren can get a good bead on where he might be bedding come this fall.

The staff here is committed to keeping you posted throughout the year as whitetail buck trailcam pictures from across the country start showing the biggest signs that our season is quickly approaching. Better start readying your gear.

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