Walker’s NEW Game Ear HD Elite

By Hunting NetworkMarch 2, 2011

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015


March, 2011… (Grand Prairie, TX)  Walker’s Game Ear, the shooting and hunting industry pioneer in hearing protection, introduces their new HD Elite.

The New HD Elite is now 20% smaller and has four digital sound processing channels that provide clear audio without outside interference.  The 20 bit audio processor yields extremely crisp and precise sound.  The HD Elite features an 8 band graphic equalizer that gives the audio that rich, full, wide-band quality.  The automatic feedback control helps eliminate unwanted feedback.  Equipped with one environmental adaptive listing mode and 40 db of enhancement, you will hear better than ever before.  The toggle volume control allows the user to adjust the volume based on the environment.  Fast acting sound compression quickly suppresses any noise that could harm the user’s ears with a 29dB NRR rating.  The HD Elite has a low battery tone indicator that warns the user when the battery is low.

walkers game ear

Key Features of the Game Ear HD Elite:
•    Four digital sound processing channels
•    20 bit audio processor for crisp clear sound
•    8 band graphic equalizer
•    Automatic feedback control
•    One environmental adaptive listing mode
•    40 db of enhancement
•    Toggle volume control
•    Fast acting sound activated compression
•    Low battery tone indicator
•    29dB NRR
•    Available in gray and beige
•    Power source #13 battery
•    Included:  unit, sound tube, earplug, 3 batteries & carrying case
•    MSRP:  $249.99  

For more information on these and other Walker’s products, visit them on the web.

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