NEW Realtree’s All-Stars of Spring XVIII turkey hunting DVD

Looking for a way to entertain yourself before chasing stubborn Toms? Look no further than below, these guys always get it done.

Realtree’s All-Stars of Spring XVIII turkey hunting DVD brings an exciting new twist to wild turkey hunting footage with the new and extremely popular “Beards or Bust” competition. Two turkey hunting teams hit the road with a handful of rules and a road map. The goal? Take all four subspecies of North American wild turkey within set time limits, budgets and laws. Everyone involved had a blast, and you’ll have almost as much fun watching the turkey hunting clips and learning unique hunting tips…without putting all the miles on your truck! This new spring turkey hunting video also features an inspiring story revolving around Jeremy Williams, a fine man stricken with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Watch his hunt with Bill and Tyler Jordan, and see how so many people, including those with Extreme Makeover; Home Edition, came together to help Jeremy and his family. This remarkable story will leave you proud to be a turkey hunter. Of course, this All-Stars DVD offers much more – an incredible 36 hunts from 10 states: Georgia, Alabama, South Dakota, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Wyoming, Florida, Colorado and Oklahoma. You’ll no doubt leave your couch a better turkey hunter after watchingRealtree All Stars of Spring XVIII.

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Available at your local sporting goods retailer soon!

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