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2nd Annual 200 Point club!

November 2, 2010by Dustin DeCroo
The rut of the 2010 bowhunting season is in full swing in parts of the country. has created a 200 point club for those members that do what it takes to put down a stud buck and or a doe.  In the contest a doe is worth 50 points and a buck is […]

Illinois Buck Down! Living the Bowhunter's Dream

November 1, 2010by Cody Altizer
    I’ve always said, “Everyone should get to live a dream come true.”  It’s a simple saying, but I truly believe that at some point, everyone in life should get to live out the dreams they had has a kid, regardless of how wild or seemingly unattainable they might be.  Fortunately for me, I have […]

Halloween Buck Down in Illinois

November 1, 2010by Justin Zarr
The final weekend of October 2010 could possibly go down as one of the best weekends of deer hunting in history. Here's the story of one mighty buck who fell during this perfect storm of bowhunting.

Bowhunt or Die! Episode 4 Recap

November 1, 2010by Cody Altizer
 In the first three installments of Bowhunt or Die the team put some awesome bucks on the ground while managing to capture it beautifully on film.  In Episode 4 we watched two more bucks, a doe and a turkey hit the ground, and we received updates from the rest of our Pro Staff guys […]

The final chapter has been written, Ohio buck down!

November 1, 2010by Hunting Network
Chapter One. 09/17/2008 Set up on the North end of a standing corn field facing South back toward the field my game camera snapped a series of 24 photos on September 17th, 2008 starting at 11:02 PM and ending at 11:25 PM. This was my first “encounter” with the buck that I have come to […]

Insight on Eyesight

October 28, 2010by Josh Fletcher
  I feel that to be successful at consistently taking an animal each year, you need to know about that animal. Most articles that you read are about scents or hunting tactics, but often overlooked are articles about the particular animal. How does an animal actually use their sense of smell? How does odor work? […]

Game Glide- The New and Easy Way to Drag Out Your Trophy

October 28, 2010by Hunting Network
Cranberry Twp, PA (PRWEB) October 28, 2010 GrandView Solutions, LLC. has announced the launch and immediate availability of the Game Glide™ – Ultra Light Deer Sled. The Game Glide is the first entrant into an entirely new segment within the Hunting Accessory category: the Disposable Game Sled segment. The Game Glide is big enough to easily […]

Possible NEW Pennsylvania State Record Buck

October 27, 2010by Hunting Network
Everyone knows that Pennsylvania has the most hunters in any state per square mile. What you probably haven’t heard, a NEW state record typical may have just fallen! Keystone state hunter, Barry Kern, dropped what could be the largest typical buck taken in state history just a few days ago while in Washington, county. The […]

Chasing Trophy Whitetails Offers 1st Annual Fan Bowhunt

October 26, 2010by Hunting Network
Chasing Trophy Whitetails (CTW), the largest hunting related page on Facebook, with over 700,000 fans and growing, will host its first annual CTW Fan Hunt from October 20th – 24th at Midwest Whitetail Adventures in Pike County, Illinois. Midwest Whitetail Adventures is known for Trophy Class Whitetails and, beginning on Wednesday October 20th, 12 CTW […]