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Something More Than Scent Control

2 Min Read
            Despite recent questions regarding the overall effectiveness of carbon impregnated clothing, my confidence in such garments hasn’t faltered one bit. What’s more, I can say with total honesty that my position on the subject has nothing to do with sponsorship or money. On the contrary, my belief stems from many years in the field, […]

Primos Up Roar Deer Call

2 Min Read
To be honest, I was never a big fan of Primos grunt calls until they came out with the original Buck Roar.  I had always stuck by the Tru Talker as my go to grunt tube by Hunters Specialties.  The problem with the Tru Talker for me wasn’t the grunt it produced, but rather the lack […]

Bowhunting Tradition: The Little Brown Cabin

8 Min Read
If you travel to the far northern reaches of Wisconsin, less than a mile from the Michigan border, you will find a Little Brown Cabin nestled into the heart of the Nicolet National Forest.  At first glance there is nothing special about this leaning cabin.  In fact, most people would not even give this little […]

Death by Safety Harness?!

3 Min Read
As our hunting seasons draw to a close throughout the North American continent many of us will be further evaluating our safety gear choices. Each year it seems, we are always hearing news of another member of our hunting family needlessly falling to their untimely deaths from a failure to either wear or properly wear […]

The End of a Bowhunting Season; Pope and Young Club and Treestand Safety

6 Min Read
 One would think that since the hunting season officially ended this past weekend in Illinois that I would be able to catch up on a little rest and enjoy some down time.  Not so fast, my friend!  As many of you know I was in Indianapolis this past weekend for the annual ATA Show and […]
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