New Bow Review: First Impressions of the Mathews ez7

The new Mathews ez7 is in my opinion my perfect bow. I’ve never been a speed freak and I am more of a bow hunter than a target shooter. This bow has many features that I look for in a good hunting bow. Very smooth to draw, forgiving brace height (7″), short but not too short (32″ axel to axel), fast (up to 321 fps), lightweight (4.25 lbs) with 80% let off.

The new Mathews ez7 in Lost Camo is the perfect hunting bow for me.

As an experienced bow hunter (one with a few years under his belt) I can truely appreciate the ez7’s draw cycle. It is one of the smoothest and easiest drawing 65 pounds bows I have pulled back. And with 80% let off, hopefully I can hold at full draw as long as I need to get the perfect broadside shot we all strive for. I will really appreciate this when the weather turns cold and nasty next season and I have on a few extra layers of clothing. I will have no problem getting to full draw when that buck walks within range after the temps have taken a nose dive. But don’t let the smooth draw fool you. The ez7 is still a very fast bow. Rated at up to 321 fps. The cronograph at my shop was broken so I don’t know the speed of my arrows. But I can tell you it’s really spitting them out.

With a brace height of a full 7″ the ez7 is a fairly forgiving bow. This allows for slight form imperfections while trying to get into position for the shot in a cramped ground blind or leaning around a tree while on stand. The 32″ axel to axel length likewise is long enough to be steady on the shot, but still allow plenty of room for manuevering in the blind or around branches in a tree stand. I’m not a fan of the super short bows and the longer axel to axel bows add too much weight to be hauling up and down the hills on my property. At 4.25 pounds, the ez7 won’t add a bunch of weight as I pack my climber and video camera in on my hunts.

All set up with the latest accessories and ready to hunt.

The ez7 was a breeze to get setup too. I don’t know if I just got lucky or the guy that set up my bow at Tim-Buck-Tu Outdoors really knew what he was doing, but after installing my rest, sight and peep, there was very little adjusting I needed to do. Before I knew it the bow was paper tuned and sighted in at 20 yards with arrows flying like darts.

The limbs on the ez7 are some of the most parallel in the industry. Parallel limbs mean the limbs move very little during the draw and the shot. The cam does most of the work. By having very little limb movement Mathews has eliminated much of the shock of the shot and this makes for a steadier release of the arrow. To further reduce shock and vibration the ez7 has a dead end string stop installed behind the stabilizer to capture and reduce string occilation.

Some of the most parallel limbs in the industry.

Very little limb movement equals less vibration.

Now I can’t wait for turkey season to get here. Just a few more short weeks and I’ll be taking my new ez7 into the ground blind with me. I just hope I can get one of those long bearded toms to show up in front of the blind.


  1. Tony Fraley says:

    Thanks for the Review John!


  2. Droptizzle says:

    I hope it brings you much luck in Turkey and Deer season!


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