Backyard Bow Pro & Muzzy 200 Club

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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Some of the best things about attending deer classics across the country are the people you meet and the interesting ideas, innovative new products and programs you discover while walking the show floor.  Stan was invited to attend the Western Carolina Quality Deer Management Association (WCQDMA) Show and we spent a weekend among some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered at a public event like this.

While walking around the show I ran across a booth displaying a Backyard Bow Pro banner. I was curious about this program and started asking questions. The founders have come up with a way to alleviate landowner concerns about those asking permission to hunt. The Backyard Bow Pro certification requires all prospective members to undergo a criminal background check that costs $54.95 annually. Once you complete the process and become a member, the program promises to help you in searching for and acquiring new places to hunt.  Here is more detailed information.

According their web site, “The Certified Registered Backyard Bow Pro™ Program is designed to assist YOU,  the passionate and proficient bow hunter, in securing your own private hunting properties without having to pay premium land lease prices or exorbitant Outfitter prices for unrealistic hunting experiences.   Team Backyard Bow Pro™ Hunters adhere to a strong code of ethics; exhibit extreme proficiency and care; and are CrimShield® Verified as upstanding United States Citizens.   The Certified Registered Backyard Bow Pro™ “Connections”  program is designed to connect landowners with qualified hunters to help control damage caused by an over population of wild game, specifically, whitetail deer.”

Our booth was next to the monster buck display made possible by Muzzy. The Muzzy 200 Club is traveling the country with some of the most impressive bucks in the world, each one scoring over 200 inches and each one taken with a Muzzy broadhead.

According to David Foster, curator of the exhibit, “In 2005 we began creating the Muzzy 200 Club Monster Bucks Display, and it quickly became the Mack Daddy of all big buck displays. Standing before this buck display you will see over 3,000 inches of whitetail antler mass on just twelve bucks.” David plans to add more whitetails to the display in coming months.

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