Scentlok OZ NFuse Ozone Sprayer

By Brodie SwisherJanuary 17, 20201 Comment

The scent elimination and containment industry has exploded over the last several decades, delivering an impressive variety of scent control products, from clothes to sprays and everything in between. Scent eliminator sprays are a dime a dozen these days. Pretty much every company has their version of a field spray to knock down the stink you carry into the woods. And if you use these products liberally, you can spend a chunk of change throughout the season as you are constantly buying more or blending refills. But there is a better way. Meet the Scentlok OZ NFuse ozone sprayer.

Check out the OZ NFuse ozone sprayer in the video below…


OZ NFuse – Just Add Water

The new OZ NFuse ozone sprayer allows you to create your own scent spray with just water and the ozone-creating spray bottle. You simply turn the NFuse on, allow it to infuse ozone into the water for 90 seconds, and then spray on whatever item you want to deodorize. It’s really just that simple.

You can say goodbye to empty scent spray bottles in your truck and having to throw your money at refills throughout the season. As long as you have water, the NFuse will keep you covered, season after season.

scentlok OZ NFuse

Never buy scent spray again!

Does it really work? It’s the question we’re always asking when it comes to scent control gimmicks on the market. However, third party testing on the Scentlok NFuse ozone sprayer has shown it to be effective in killing up to 99.95% of the bacteria that cause odor.

As mentioned above, the process is quick and easy, taking less than 2 minutes to mix your solution. Even better, application in the field is super simple too. In fact, unlike most scent elimination sprays on the market, the OZ NFuse can even be sprayed upside down.

The Scentlok OZ NFuse ozone sprayer is priced at $129.99. Check it out at

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