How Many Diet Coke Bottles Can We Shoot Through?

By Brad KaufmannSeptember 18, 2019

We’ve all seen the “What can I shoot through” videos on YouTube. Plywood, ballistics gel, and water jugs are a few of the one’s that have been done quite a bit. Our editor, Brodie Swisher, and his boys shot an old clothes dryer that they were getting rid of (Click Here for the Video). Another popular thing to do on YouTube is to mix Diet Coke and Mentos to see how big of a mess you can make. So we decided to combine the two experiments into one! Check out the video below to see what happens when you put a TenPoint Crossbow up against Diet Coke bottles that are filled with Mentos…

First, we had to figure out how we would go about getting the Mentos into the bottles without having them explode. We started by putting a few Mentos on a piece of duct tape, opening up the bottle, and sticking the tape just far enough in so that the Mentos don’t touch the liquid, and then we put the cap on, thinking that the tape would keep it sealed better. Turns out that the very first bottle we did this on ended up leaking…

So on to Plan B! We then did almost the exact same thing, except we cut the extra tape off so that there wasn’t any tape where the cap went on. That plan worked perfectly! Once we did this with all 13 of the bottles, we set them up in a line, got about 18-20 yards back, cocked the Nitro XRT, and let it rip! We successfully shot through, or penetrated, 10 of the 13 bottles. The explosion was way more than we anticipated, and we were blown away by some of the slow-mo video we got.

After taking a few more trick shots with the crossbow, Justin broke out his Vertix and aimed for the last 5 bottles we had. He was able to easily make it through 3 of the bottles before it nicked the 4th bottle and deflected off to the right and into the ground. Despite losing the arrow completely, it was a successful day overall, and we now know that a TenPoint Nitro XRT, tipped with an NAP DK4 broadhead, can shoot through 10 bottles of Diet Coke mixed with Mentos!

Brad Kaufmann
Brad is a full time employee with He works behind the scenes with both the Bowhunt or Die Webshow, and many of the videos and articles that produces.
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