Why You Should Plant a Food Plot

By Brodie SwisherJuly 22, 2019

Many of the questions we receive throughout the year revolve around food plots. When to plant, what to plant, and the reason for planting certain varieties are just a few. Deer hunters seem to be on an endless quest for how to make their food plot efforts better. That’s why, whether you’re just getting started with food plots, or just simply trying to tweak things for better efficiency, we want to share all the ins and outs of the food plot basics in a simple and informative video series from our friends at Antler King.

why you should plant a food plot antler-king-seed

What’s behind the food plot craze? Why should we plant them?

Up first, why you should plant a food plot.

There’s a lot of folks that simply don’t understand the reasons behind why you should plant a food plot. Others just don’t think they are necessary or serve a purpose on their hunting properties.

Take a closer look at why you should plant a food plot in the video below…

Deer need age, genetics and nutrition to maximize their potential. The good news is that hunters can help with that. The blood, sweat and tears that go into food plots is part of the puzzle in growing healthier deer.

Beyond providing nutrition for your deer herd, food plots can serve as the perfect place to be on stand during deer season. For some, food plots serve as nothing more than a place to get closer to the deer they pursue. And that’s okay too. Food plots have their place. Food plots will tip the odds in your favor when deer season rolls around again.

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Brodie Swisher
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