How to Make Hunting Fun Again

If you’ve ever found your passion for hunting growing stale, or simply missing the enjoyment you remember in the early days of your hunting career, rest easy, you’re not alone. It’s crazy that we could actually grow weary in the one thing we love about as much as anything on earth. Yet, season after season we see guys and gals hanging up their bow due to the fact that they are no longer having fun.

Yes, it’s a shame. But it doesn’t have to happen.

How do we keep from falling victim to burnout in our hunting pursuits? Here’s a look at 5 ways to make hunting fun again.

Take Your Wife or Child Hunting

If you want a guaranteed good time, just take your wife or child hunting. Sure, it could backfire on you and be the worst decision you’ll make all season, but I’m betting it will be fun. Your wife will enjoy spending the time with you and seeing what all goes on during the hunt. You’ll have fun watching “the rookie” go through all the paces and discovering what the hunt is all about. And when it comes to your kids, nothing is more fun than hunting with the next generation of hunters. They’ll be the best hunting memories you could ever create. Don’t wait another year! Take your family hunting with you this season to add more fun to the mix.


Take your wife or child hunting with you for a guaranteed good time.

Start/Stop Videoing Your Hunts

Videoing your own hunts can add a fun and exciting challenge to your time in the woods. It’s a great way to challenge your skills and document the hunt to relive in the years ahead. Or, if you’ve been an avid self-film hunter over the years and you’re feeling burned out, commit to hitting the woods this season without the camera, at least once. Yes, you’ll probably miss out on some of the best content of the season when you leave your camera at home, but there’s something fun and refreshing about going old-school to enjoy the hunt without the pressure of running a camera.


Self-filming your hunt can drain you over the course of a season. Leave the camera at home from time to time and enjoy the hunt for yourself.

Shoot a Small Buck

I’m fully aware that this recommendation will  unleash the wrath of trophy hunters across the country, but I’m sticking with it. In fact, I dare you to shoot the first legal buck that walks by. The anticipation you’ll experience as you wait will be the most fun you’ll have all season, no doubt.

Daryl Bell-Buck

The pressure to kill a bigger buck than your buddies can take a lot of fun out of the hunt. Shoot what makes you happy.

Start Shooting Trad

If you really want to add more fun to your hunting game, start hunting with a trad bow. It’ll be like starting over. It’ll bring back all the memories of launching your first arrows as a child. You’ll feel like a straight up wild man as you sit in the tree with a trad bow. And regardless of whether it’s a squirrel, rabbit, or whitetail deer, when it gets within bow range of your trad bow, the adrenaline will flow. It’s one of the best ways I know of to make hunting fun again.

how to make hunting fun - brodie-remi-trad bow deer 2018

Hunting with a trad bow may be the funnest move you can make all season.

See How Many Does You can Shoot (Legally)

Hunters tend to get so bogged down in the pursuit of a trophy buck that they miss out on the fun of shooting does. You won’t realize how fun and exciting shooting does can be until you give yourself the green light to empty the quiver this season with some doe management. See how many you can kill. Loading the freezer with meat for your family is fun. Shooting meat to help feed the hungry in your community is even better. Want to have more fun this season? Shoot more does and load the meat wagon.

how to make hunting fun - Bro-Does-2018-feature

Want to have more fun this season? Quit passing up does and make hunting fun again!

We want to hear from you. How do you keep things fun when the hunting season grind begins to take its toll on you. Comment below and let us know.

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  1. John Torchick says:

    Brodie, I always enjoy your comments but this one is a real winner…like a non-typical buck. I have a grandson who is interested in hunting and fishing. I plan on taking him scouting and possibly, if his life schedule permits, hunting. We have gone squirrel hunting so I might start with that, combining the scouting. I have a ground blind that would offer a time to observe game and fire up the video camera. Let him take the videos. Your directive to hunt does makes sense. It is nice to take a big buck but the opportunity to take a small buck, as per regulations, primes the pump, so to speak. I’m not an expert but I would venture there are more four point bucks than 10 point bucks. So what are the odds of getting one or the other? Thanks. BTW, I have the video camera on my desk!

    • Brodie Swisher Brodie Swisher says:

      Thanks, John! Have a great season. Send us pix and video!

  2. Tannan Peters says:

    I always appreciate the perspective you provide in all of your articles. Thanks for consistently pointing us to think about what matters most. God bless you brother!

    • Brodie Swisher Brodie Swisher says:

      Thanks for reading, Tannan!

  3. Jody S. says:

    Greetings. Great article. I feel that we/most guys, do not really stop having fun, per say. I have gone 2 seasons with out getting a Deer. Archery, Rifle, and even late season Archery. Yes, sad indeed! Not because of not doing my time/days on stand, which were many, for sure. Missed a Deer. And lack of not seeing many Deer. That is why they call it Hunting… I believe most Guys, stop enjoying it, is out of frustration. Due to not seeing Deer, or have a season that you do not get a Deer. Missing/wounding Deer. Lack of confidence, will cause anyone to lose interest. No matter how much experience you have, it can, and will happen to you! Smaller Bucks, Does, whatever is legal, then go for it… Here in PA, this is the way My Hunting Partner and I, and, all other Hunters that I know do it. Meat for the Freezer! 🙂 That is what it is really about… These “experts” that are all about “I will only shoot at least a 140 class Buck, or nothing at all” is pure BS! And these “experts” that will stand there and try to bash another Hunter, because he got a Small 5 pt. Yet, they have not ever shot a Deer, or, only a few, please GO AWAY! So when it does get to tough out there, take a break. Remind yourself, that this is Hunting, no guarantees. Wait for that feeling that will get your heart pounding, at the mere sight of a Deer, and get back out there in the Woods!


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